Any Thoughts on Unis for Cincy?

All whites with red hats?

Don’t we usually go opposite of the home team? Cincy is doing a black out, that would indicate the icy whites.

Last year on the road we wore:

Louisville: Whites with white helmets
Tulsa: Whites with white helmets
Tulane: Whites with red helmets
UCF: Red pants with red helmets
UCONN: Red pants with red helmets
Peach Bowl: Whites with white helmets

Honestly, we seem to play our best with the all whites with white helmets so hopefully that’s what we go with.

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We should be in all white.

Cincy will be in all black. It’ll look so good on TV. Good vs. Evil. The good guys will bring a victory home.

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All whites is the only way to go.

I’m in favor of Cincy wearing unis.

G’ah. I’m tired of the new white helmet. I wanna see the RED one! :sweat_smile: But whatever works for the team is always best. If we got good juju going with the all whites head to toe, then go with it. :slight_smile:

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I gotta say I don’t much like our red helmets… they are too dark red and the logo is blurry. I like the white helmets.

I think we are all white today…

GAME DAY Y’ALL! NO worries Man! GO COOOOGS! :red_circle: &:white_circle: :red_circle:&:white_circle:

That’s racist. lol

I predict all whites with red helmet!

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All White with a Red helmet is the winner.

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I couldn’t have told you what we were wearing had you asked me during any given commercial break.

Like the all whites with red helmet look. Good contrast and undefeated so far under Herman.

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