Any uptick in recruiting with move to B12?

Any rumors on recruiting now that we are at the threshold?

Not with Holgerson as coach.


What he said.

Just like with TLC, when he promised a Big 12 membership and recruiting ramped up, the same will happen here, except all the players and family members will know it to be true.
The good thing is that UT and A&M will still get the cream, but we will not be losing to Lubboch, Waco and others when you can stay home and your Mom can watch you play for 4 years.

Dana doesn’t recruit


We are unfortunately behind in recruiting if you look at 247. A lot of the guys we offered either already committed or listed their top school and we aren’t one of them. Like I said earlier there is a good chance we don’t get a QB, RB or WR in this Hs class. We will be really busy in the transfer portal.


UH coaches can’t say anything about it until it’s official. I would say it’s too late since most players are already committed to a school in this recruiting cycle but maybe our coaches can flip a couple of 4 stars.

Next year our ranking should move up into the 30s or 40s.

That didn’t stop Herman’s staff. Appropriate or not.

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If a kid is at The Post Oak or Steak 48, Dana will land him!

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I hope we don’t waste this once in a lifetime (of college football) opportunity. Membership in the Big 12 gives us a new look in the eyes of the local and national media and…in the eyes of HS football talent. But we have more to sell and one of those things (by our history) is the Cougar brand of exciting football. I am just not sure CDH is the guy to pull it off.
Like I said this is once in a lifetime opportunity. I just hope our leadership doesn’t blow it.


I don’t see the current HC recruiting at that level. Not happening!

Need a new coach that can recruit.

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