Anybody seen Dave Campbell magazine?

I haven’t found it anywhere.


Not have I.

Been looking for it.

Not sure what the delay is.

It is good this year, not great. We dont get covered as well as you would think, considering we are future Big 12. Tune and Dell do make first team super team…Texas Tech and UTSA coach make the cover…i would recommend ordering by mail, so there are no delays in yall getting it in a timely manner.

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I have not found them on a magazine rack? Is online the only option?

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I haven’t checked Books a Million, but none of the grocery stores have it.

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I’ve put my dad on Dave Campbell duty. Apparently they are having issues getting the print out for some reason?

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TF states delay due to paper supply plus supply chain issues.
Should be available by Mid August in stores


I still have a personal vendetta against the magazine since they didn’t put Case Keenum on the cover by himself his senior year. :upside_down_face:



Aw Hell.

It’s almost too late at that point. Not really a “preview” at that point.

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It won’t be on the magazine shelves until Mid August, but I got my via mail subscription. LOTS of LOVE FOR The COOGS!!!

I got mine mid June via mail because I am a subscriber. Of course late June when my brother came to visit I allowed him to take it. I will buy another next week hopefully.

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I was at Books a Million this PM.


Did pick up a copy of Phil Steele though.

I found it in a Kroger in Bryan. It sickens me to go to Bryan or College Station, but I do what I must.

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