AP Poll 11/22

What do y’all think we end up at? I say 13 or 14 but I could also see us staying at 15

We’ll probably stay at #15.

Did anyone right above us lose? I know UT lost but they won’t fall that far.

I don’t know where we’ll be ranked… But I know UVA NEEDS this win after losing to Navy.

They are going to have to fight for it. A win will not come easily against these coogs.

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I never question that… Go Coogs!

I know that. I just love being able to say that about any CKS coached coog team…

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We are still 15
Memphis is 11
Alabama is 14
Texas fell to 8
Oregon moved up to 12
Virginia fell out of T25 and only received 2 votes

Where’s Hofstra?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ask again in March. :sunglasses:

Zach Cooks (Hofstra) is currently ranked #4 in the nation at 27.5 points/game.

Marcus Sasser (UH) is currently tied for #12 in the nation at 25.5 points/game.

FSU is 32

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Its definitely back to normal now :joy:


I’m a Cooks fan after our game. Looking forward to seeing him play Maryland this Friday.

Alabama squeaked by South Alabama…BYU destroying Oregon and Seton Hall beat Michigan…we will be top 10 soon


Definitely look like a top ten team the last two games





If you want to see how the votes break out, you can see them here.

You know who doesn’t have us rated the lowest. one other voter does, but he does have us as the second lowest rated. I’m sure he’ll try harder next week.

If you go to the website, make sure you look him up and give him a thumbs down on his ballot. They track it.


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