AP Poll : #19 Houston

We are now #19 in the AP Poll! Highest ranking since 1983-84 season.


I was just about to post. If we can get 2 wins this week I would expect low teens

17th in the coaches

Moving upwards at a snail’s pace. I guess we’ll take it.
We should be between 10th and 15th, imo.


What was our final ranking last season

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21 I believe

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This is awesome!

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Love what CKS has done! We are very lucky he came along.


little respect. our nonconf wins at BYU, at Oklahoma State, Oregon, St. Louis, LSU. We should be ranked 15th

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AP is a freaking joke.



we’re one of 4 unbeaten teams. we deserve to be in the top 15. this is absolutely a joke of a ranking. There are 4 unbeatens!!!

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We have to beat some ranked teams to really move up but none are on our schedule yet.

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Rankings this time if the year are pretty useless. Being disrespected should help CKS keep the team grounded. No worries. Be happy. Enjoy the ride.

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Why do we have to beat ranked teams when other teams ahead of us in the AP are o-fer against ranked teams?

Cuz we are UH. Hard cheese.

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Although P5/G5s don’t exist in college basketball, they still look at us that way but at least we do have a path to the natty.

why does Nevada get more favorable votes than Houston?

This ranking makes no sense at all to me…

Your guess is as food as mine.

Because they lucked their way to sweet sixteen last year lol