AP Poll Short Lived

I wasn’t expecting us to remain in the AP poll, but it’s interesting to see who still is and who has been added. Honestly, I don’t think we will make it back into the poll this year. Our only chance would be to win out, win the conference championship game, and our bowl. Otherwise you can forget about rankings for a while.

It’s not just our loss. After USF and Navy getting destroyed, anyone putting us in their top 25 is just being lazy. Is USF still our marquee win of the year?

Think we have it bad? UCF dropped 2 spots in the AP and Coaches Polls after a win against Temple.


The rigged system is doing everything they can to keep UCF down so not to let them in the playoff again if they can win out.

That’s what I was loosely referencing. There is so much bias going on, people shouldn’t get their hopes up going forward.

UCF isn’t a top 4 team. Would you really rank it Alabama, Clemson, ND and then UCF? No chance.

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A list of teams that have been in the top 6 this year:
Ohio State
Notre Dame
West Virginia

It’s not about them being in the top 4, it’s about them not even getting to be in the conversation.


Yup, over half shouldn’t be in there or even the top ten.

Regarding UCF and the cfp Mr. Vince McMahon said it best.
Because the cfp is about

Maybe just maybe this can be done to the cfp.

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If Clemson, ND and Michigan win out and Georgia beats Bama in SEC CCG, will this be more chaos than 2 SEC+Clemson+ND?