AP ranking

11th in this week’s poll


Surprised we only moved up one spot with so many losses in the top ten.


One spot if we win, four spots backwards if we lose. They Hate us and that is my belief until proven otherwise. Kentucky, Tennessee, etc can lose by 20, win a makeup game by 1 and move up 4 spots.

Cant wait for the Tourney to begin where there are no makup wins…lose by 20 and you are done. I think we will see a bunch of SEC ACC upsets who were over ranked by school names…


That’s weak, maybe we can get top 10 in coaches.

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Cincy hung in the top 25. Unfortunately UCF fell to 26th.

Ohio State screwed us. Wisconsin might have fallen out had they not been able to recover after blowing a 23 point lead.

Nah…it’s about right. Weren’ t gonna jump Michigan, Tennessee or Duke. Let’s get serious.

I’ll give everyone we should probably be ahead of LSU (for more than one reason), but they were ahead of us last week and won.


The AP and Coaches polls mean zero this time of the year. There will be teams that are not even ranked that will get into the tournament (shorthorns) and then there are teams that deserve to be in that will not get in…


Do they conduct a final regular season ranking after the conference tournaments or is this it for the regular season?

We were ranked ahead of Wisconsin anyway so what happened to them last week had no effect on us.

We probably should be ahead of Michigan and Tennessee. We have a better Q1 win percentage than both. It is also better than Duke’s. We have the same Q1 win percentage as North Carolina.
Though in general I just think the teams 3-11 are all pretty dang equal.Thus, I’m not worrying about it too much.
I was just surprised since we dominated a ranked team on the road on national TV.

Sorry. Not for us directly. I should have been more clear.

It might have helped UCF stay in the top 25 since they dropped to 26th.