AP Top 25

Cincinnati & UCF receiving votes.

AP Top 25

1 Kansas (37) 31-8 1,581 4
2 Kentucky (19) 26-11 1,529 18
3 Gonzaga (1) 32-5 1,461 8
4 Duke (4) 29-8 1,452 9
5 Virginia (2) 31-3 1,286 1
6 Tennessee (1) 26-9 1,268 13
7 Nevada 29-8 1,230 24
8 North Carolina 26-11 1,221 10
9 Villanova (1) 36-4 1,085 2
10 Michigan State 30-5 1,024 5
11 Auburn 26-8 974 19
12 Kansas State 25-12 922 -
13 West Virginia 26-11 678 15
14 Oregon 23-13 638 -
15 Virginia Tech 21-12 630 -
16 Syracuse 23-14 620 -
17 Florida State 23-12 530 -
18 Mississippi State 25-12 451 -
19 Michigan 33-8 437 7
20 TCU 21-12 311 -
21 UCLA 21-12 297 -
22 Clemson 25-10 268 20
23 LSU 18-15 187 -
24 Purdue 30-7 170 11
25 Washington 21-13 165 -

Others receiving votes: Loyola-Chicago 162, Marquette 124, Indiana 98,Florida 71, Nebraska 35, Maryland 28, Wisconsin 24, Notre Dame 22,Cincinnati 21, UCF 15, Alabama 15, Arizona 14, Buffalo 14, Louisville 11, Miami 10, San Diego State 9, Texas Tech 6, Southern Cal 6, Butler 6, Texas 5, St. John’s 3, Arizona State 3, Providence 2, Xavier 2, Davidson 1, Missouri 1,Marshall 1, NC State 1.

I would have voted for Wichita State, Houston, and Memphis, if I had a vote.

What a joke not a single vote…not saying we should be ranked by any means but after our performance last season? Smh.

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Losing two double- digit scorers is my bet on why we didn’t get any votes. Still some uncertainty with how this team performs with new pieces.

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Whats the reasoning behind voting for the Shockers and Memphis?

Like seeing LSU and Oregon on the list. Hope they stay there until their games against UH.


Exactly, after we made the tournament and were just half a second away from going to the sweet 16. With our talent and our coaching staff, plus coach Bishop getting the boys in top physical shape, not getting at least 10 votes is a JOKE!


Too bad and what a sad thing with what happened to the LSU player. Them and Oregon have enough talent & coaching to go to the Final Four. There is not a single standout team above others in the country.

Same could be said about UCF, where was UCF last year??? What have they done lately to earn votes???

I can understand UCF, pretty good trio that all got injured last year. Cinci no matter who they lose always regroups.
But man memphis, new coach and whole new squad basically. One of the biggest question marks in the country. They could just as easily be terrible as terrific.
And shockers lost a lot and gained a little. Kinda having a tough transition to the league.

Great thing about college bball is the early polls aren’t that important. Just win, baby.

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Who cares about an AP poll in basketball?

Just be one of the 64.

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Other than possibly being beneficial to recruiting and marketing, the rankings are meaningless. Technically UH finished the season in the top 32, so it shouldn’t be a given to be ranked going into the year. Most voters would not have heard of any of the new players and would know that UH lost its two best players to graduation. Start the season 6-0 with a win over ranked Oregon on TV and UH will get ranked. Not an easy task BTW. I think BYU is going to be a bear on the road. BYU opens at #7 Nevada. We will see right away what kind of team David Rose is bringing to the table.


Some of the pre-season publications are seriously dissing Wichita State. They supposedly lost four of their top five scorers.

Could be a BIG rebuilding year for them.

Not good for conference at all.

What happened to a$m? They were sweet 16 and now out. I guess they lost a lot to graduation.

Could be for sure…but I think Greg Marsahall is a damn good coach and will likely have them being atleast an NIT caliber team.

I get that Kansas has a ton of talent, but why do the NCAA and mass media overlook the scandal that is sitting on the doorstep in Lawrence, KS? The NCAA/Adidas scandal is being played out in a trial court in Manhattan, NY and Kansas is waist deep in that hot mess. The FBI wiretaps recording conversations about payments to recruits and yet Kansas sits at #1 in the polls and no one is talking about the Jayhawks running a dirty program. Everyone wants to focus on Louisville and Arizona, but Kansas is right there with them in terms of a dirty program. If a G5 school faced the allegations that are playing out in the trial court, the NCAA would be lining up the death penalty. Thankfully, UH is nowhere near any of that dumpster fire.

Back on topic, I agree with Cougar M. If UH wins early and often, the rankings will follow. I’m worried about how we replace Rob Gray…he was a scorer…when UH needed a basket, Rob Gray delivered. Who will fill that role?

Go Coogs. Peace.


Yeah, Kansas has alot of misfits from other programs as well. They’re not as cohesive as the media thinks. Need to see what chemistry they will have. Their power forward, Souza may not see the floor this season. It kinda reminds me of USC last year when Melton eventually left the program.