AP top 25

Any predictions on where we end up after the completion of Week 1?

Up 1 spot


Due to Cincinnati falling out?

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I think we move up a couple. Oregon got absolutely manhandled. i wouldn’t be surprised to see them drop pout of the to 25 entirely.

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BYU might jump us with a solid road win, so guessing up 1.

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Considering how close the point totals were for spots 17-25 in the poll last week…it’s entirely possible we could see a large jump higher than 20…or we could even slip out of the rankings.

probably won’t move


Florida and BYU jump us. Cincinnati will drop out and Oregon will drop, just not past us. I think we stay about the same. The close game might even take some points away from us. UTSA is really good but the perception of struggling against a Conference USA team will affect some voters opinions.

Oregon doesn’t deserve a Top 25 ranking. Georgia is very good but that Oregon offense was trash. I think we move up 2. Next week is gonna be the hardest game to win in the last three years. Tech may finish last in the B12 but they are gonna be crazy.


One spot up. Tough road win vs top CUSA team.

That’s the most likely scenario.

Most. Others just look at final score, not even read the box.

Coogs got beat in almost every category other than TOP 35 to 25. And of course, final score.

Well, The Athletic was more impressed with our win than many of our fans. Like said though, a tribute to an entertaining game as well.

10. Houston (1-0)

Clayton Tune’s end zone acrobatics put the Coogs on top for good in the third overtime against UTSA, capping off one of the most entertaining games of the young season. I put Houston in the coveted No. 10 spot this week more as an homage to the delightful game itself, but it’s certainly also worth noting that this expected to be one of the best teams in the Group of 5 this season, and they had to stave off one of last year’s best G5 teams (Meep) to keep that mantle.


well, someone respects utsa


I think UTSA has a really good shot at winning out…
After Bama sends the cows to the tamale factory, I think UTSA benefits from the hangover and beats them in Austin.
Then it is off to the races for them, and I will become their biggest supporter !!!