Apparently we've had 13 starting qbs in the last 10 years

Since 2012, we’ve had Piland, Jones, O’Korn, Ward, Postma, Allen, King, Tune and Holgerson.

Who were the other 4?!?!?!

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1st thought was Shang Moore but that was ConUSA days.

Some of these are truly cringe worthy. AAC FB was a wild run.

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Cotton Turner?

He was gone after 2011


That was 2010.

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We had some dude that transferred in from somewhere that might have started a game or two…. But I realize this doesn’t help much

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Kohlhausen I believe in 2012.

Don’t remember if he ever started though.

3 games but no starts.

Bram would get his moment.

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Did Ike ever start one?


Ike, Dormady, Schultz

Dormady - that’s who I was thinking of

None of those guys ever started here.

Case and Cotton both got injured the same year. Both turned out okay. Case in the NFL and Cotton a successful oil and gas attorney.

Are you saying you know who the other 4 are, or saying that 13 is not correct?


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Bryson Smith?

13 cant be correct

Neither Cosh nor Bryson started here either.

10 Dumbest AAC moments … Wow, that’s excellent, unfortunately – way too many of them between 2018 and 2020.

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