Applause for the new look

and great sound of the Spirit of Houston. Love the new unis and the heavy brass sound is awesome.


Well now I want pics.

Kinda small — best I got…



red and med dark grey

So glad they got new uniforms. Getting rid of the blue accent was the right move!

The new band uniforms look GREAT!


after watching the TT band and our band the only thing we need to do grow the size of our band.

I like blue, throughout the Hakeem, Drexler, Elvin Hayes, Andre Ware and Kevin Kolb eras, they all had blue accents. I feel they should keep some parts of blue on it, part of our past winning tradition


Glad you started this topic. The band played great and looked great. Great work!

love the band, don’t care what they wear, but those are good uniforms
bring back the white shoes!

What is the current size of the band ? I counted I think 13 tubas, which it seems
like we’ve always had or is that incorrect. In that pattern it does look smallish overall.

Edit: And speaking of bands, has the MOB disbanded ? I must admit at times the MOB
was funny.

We’ve moved on from the blue though.

I like the straight Red and White we’ve been sticking with recently with the neutral Black or Grey accents on occasion.

I like the direction we’ve been going in.


Tough crowd I see

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I don’t know the numbers but the band looked to be considerably smaller than Tech.

Maybe I’m just confusing “loud” with “good,” but I felt like our band blew the doors off Tech’s.

yes, our band sounds better. It’s fantastic. I’m not talking about quality. in a sound battle size matters.

Rice Stadium sound system was almost painfully loud

I sat at the 50-yd line West Upper Deck (see my photo, above)

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Loved the new look, but the 80’s businessmen called and want their pants back.

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Someone who’s connected with the band might know the answer to this one. But is the band becoming more of a brass band? It seemed much louder than usual and most of the instruments seemed to be brass instruments.

The band needs to get some of that B12 $ too!