Apple in serious talks with MLB to broadcast games

“The package MLB has been attempting to sell is weekday national games that ESPN recently relinquished. ESPN will no longer have regular Monday and Wednesday games.”

How can they make a deal with Apple when a large number of viewers do not have an Apple? Am I suppose to go out and buy an IPhone or Apple TV just to watch MLB?

I think you answered your own question.


You wouldn’t need to buy an Apple TV unit all you need is the Apple+ Streaming App which is available on most if not all streaming units.

Of course you need to “pay a fee for the service because after all they are not communist” paraphrasing Emilio Barzini

Well Apple+ isn’t available on my android phone or Samsung smart TV.

That was my point. How can Apple be a major distributor of content when a lot of people cannot get the app on their devices?

I hope the Big12 doesn’t do business with Apple unless they are going to give us an ungodly amount of money.

I don’t have Apple+ either.

I am pretty sure it is available on Samsung TVs.

I have watched it in Samsung homes.

I’m sure that it would be for select games.

The games ESPN gave up were non-exclusive, so also aired on local RSNs. Sounds big but there’s a reason ESPN didn’t want anymore.


“We note that upcoming sports packages potentially for bid over the next four years that Apple can be involved with (in some capacity/semi-exclusive) are: NFL (Sunday Night Ticket), Big Ten, Pac 12, Big East, Big 12, other NCAA sports packages (2024 timing), NASCAR, and the NBA/WNBA.”