Applewhite HC of South Bama

If he didn’t learn it under Nick Saban, Todd Graham, Mack Brown and Tom Herman, I don’t see how working at South Alabama has taught him…

He was a great college player. He may turn out to be a great college coach. I guess we’ll have to find out. But I’m betting the don’t.


Applewhite was on the list of possibilities for Tulane when we hired Fritz. I didn’t think he’d get that job however. South Alabama gives him a chance to prove himself.

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Allen was a more talented QB, but not an RPO QB. Major didn’t know how to use him in that offense or refused to change the offense to fit the talent he had.

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Let’s hope he doesn’t go pulling jackets off of anyone.

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I’ve got no animosity towards Major. But no love either. No real emotion either way. Just a “meh” guy that gave us a “meh” program.

I can’t see anyone ever running through a brick wall for Major Applewhite.

What made him a good OC was Ward. Period.

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See D’Eriq King.

2017 season - Applewhite starts Kyle Allen who’s only talent was throwing 5-10 yard screen passes. Eventually benched for Kyle Postma who lacked consistency on routine Saturday’s.

By mid season they finally put in D’Eriq King (whose play style is most similar to Ward) and UH almost ends up winning the rest of the 2017 season.

2018 season - Applewhite hires Briles, and King breaks UH records his first year as a starter.

Unfortunately King gets hurt and UH ends up tanking the season resulting in a terrible bowl loss and CMA gets fired.

King was the answer to Applewhite’s problems. Unfortunately Applewhite just had lots of bad luck as well as questionable roster decisions.

Briles doesn’t get that Florida State OC job without King.

D’Eriq King’s injury in 2018 was the turning point (downwards) for the football program. Screwed up everything.

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Crap on Applewhite all you want. but he was TRYING. That is a hell of a lot more than the last guy was doing.


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What do you think he was doing at Alabama? Delivering donuts and coffee?

CMA benefits from another down the hall hiring.


I think Applewhite got more of a fair deal from UH than any Coog would have at UT. True - We could’ve given him more time but it was a dead end anyway.

The fact that we gave Dana more time didn’t change the fact that he was a dead end.

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So untalented that he’s been in the NFL 6 years


Applewhite was hired as a continuity guy since Tilman and Renu got tired of coaches leaving.

In hindsight, we all complained about the D’Onofrio hire for defense but at least it was not as bad as Belk under Holgorsen.

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To be honest, the soft 2021 schedule made Dana look better than we was supposed to.

Ward was indeed a big part of the win, but don’t overlook how our swarming defense and thieving secondary played a major part of the win. Also, Postma came in when Ward was hurt and led the Coogs to it’s game sinching TD. It was a total team win.

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Give me a break.

I’m talking about college. He couldn’t swing it at A&M, and he couldn’t swing it at a G5 school. Perhaps it was Applewhite’s fault? Sure.

The only reason Kyle Allen got a spot on the Panthers was because he happened to know one of the scouts personally. That was his foot in the door for the NFL.

What’s keeping him in the NFL as a backup is his size and the fact that he was a highly touted recruit. His perpetual “potential” is what’s keeping him in the NFL. He will continue getting tossed around every couple of years.

If Kyle Allen is as talented as you say beyond the high school level, well I’ve honestly have yet to see it because he absolutely bombed when he was named starting QB for the Texans.

I agree, but Ward was an essential piece to that puzzle. Postma ignites like fire in those crunch situation games, but he’s not consistent as a starter for some odd reason.

That being said, the 2015-2016 seasons were essentially a “stars aligned perfectly” scenario. Tony Levine was able to leverage the Big East to land recruits to Houston. Despite how that conference fell apart, he managed to keep those recruits (would not be possible in the NIL era).

Then when Herman came in, he inherited all those recruits and added Ed Oliver (who commited to UH because his brother was already here as well as the hiring of coach Blum who was Ed’s high school coach).

The 2016 season really should’ve been UH’s best season in football history. It should’ve been UH’s path to the playoff because the schedule was literally as perfect as it could be with wins over #3 Oklahoma and #4 Louisville.

Unfortunately Herman already had plans before UH could fulfill its dreams.


That’s the most insane thing I’ve read in a long time. Meaning it’s fantasy.