Applewhite Interview- Baton Rouge

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Interesting and refreshingly candid.

  • Didn’t interview for a job after the Peach Bowl. I thought he had interviewed at North Texas. Says he didn’t want to leave after 1 year.

  • Good question about if Herman and he had talked about coaching at LSU; Applewhite kind of deflected it after slipping at the beginning by saying that they had talked about it in a career-type conversation. Didn’t do the “no comment” thing that Herman was known for.

  • Was asked about maybe coming back to LSU. Answered that he’s tired of moving and that being around his family, around 9 coaches he liked, and players he liked was the most important thing right now. Did not say that Houston or any school was his dream job.

  • Very enthusiastic about saying that Houston can win a national champion. Much different than our last coach who said to only worry about what you can control.