Applewhite Press Monday 09/25/2017

Not sure who mentioned it but it appears the staff saw the bad snaps as well. After hearing this press conference, I’m thinking Allen has a better chance of starting at QB than Noble has of being at center.

It all really depends on about 8 plays. If half of those 8 plays were poor snaps, I think Allen gets to start.

No question about Major’s post-game tweets?

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Probably sports reporters that would like to be taken serious and not treated like ESPN bloggers. Feel free to ask him at the next coach’s show.


I hope Applewhite gets it. Not sure, based on that press conference


After listening to that. Allen is the starter.

Does anyone think Allen should start?

Major’s opinion is the only one that matters, but most fans I know don’t want him at QB. If he starts, he should have a very short leash.

I could understand why Allen would start. I’m not a coach so I don’t know any better than him, and CMA still has my confidence.

Yes I do, he has so much potential. He needs to play much better. I give him 2-3 more games.

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Will CMA & BJ adjust the playbook to fit his skillset? If yes, then Allen should start.

IMO They have done ZERO to innovate and adjust the playbook to fit his skill set. So I think he SHOULD start if they change the playbook. Otherwise, I personally think they should change the QB if they want a fit for their system.

It sucks for KA, I could only imagine being in his position and his skill set. Talent in the wrong system. So far it looks like CTH WOO’d him for his own personal game and essentially left him out to dry. Unless, the coaches make some changes to the playbook that creates separation and incorporates some vertical plays Allen will be great for us. The sad thing is that I don’t think the coaches are going to do that. It is much easier to blame the player and make the switch at QB. What do y’all think?

Listening to this news conference today depressed me. We need more energy.
We need to be upset about the loss. Kyle Allen will start. But he will be out if he didn’t play well.

The preseason interview he gave to the AAC stressed his QB needed to be able to overcome adversity among other things like toughness, leadership, etc. I didn’t see much overcoming adversity by KA or toughness. Not being in the huddle or at practice, I can’t say anything about his leadership.

CMA also has stressed ball security as a key attribute of his QB. The six points TTU got off of KA turnovers (the roller snap by Noble did not result in points for TTU) were the difference in the game. His second INT didn’t result in points for TTU but cost us maybe 3 or 6+. My question if I were allowed to ask him would be, “Is that the kind of ball security that earns the starting QB role in the next game?” My follow up would be, “What difference does it make how good a guy looks in practice? If he can’t deliver consistently in games, give someone else a shot.”

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I was joking. Lighten up, Francis. Coogs are still undefeated in AAC play. And, yes, Allen will start against Temple, the Coogs will roll and Coogfans will be lit up like the 4th of July about how this proved nothing.

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After watching the replay. I don’t think Allen starts. Both INTs were really bad decisions that only a freshman in his first ever start should make.

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The irony is that MA experienced almost an identical situation when he was QB. MA gave me the clear impression that he clearly empathizes with KA’s situation --start him next week and he had better deliver early. That only puts more pressure on KA. How many miscues is he allowed before he gets yanked? And what if he delivers? Does that mean that coaches changed the system or that KA improved ? Or both?

Give me a W first. Competition is only going to get harder. Show improvement with each W or better have someone in the wings to assure the next W. 1-0.

I see it just the opposite. In this scenario, Postma is MA and KA is Simms.


I see it as the opposite. If he empathized with KA, I would not expect him to say that every position is up for grabs. He knows what it is like for playing time to be held over your head and what that uncertainty brings but he is not shying away from publicizing that every position is open. Honestly, I am surprised he is handling it this way and figured he would be more protective of his QBs at least in the public forum.

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Postma is the incumbent. The one that has been there for two years and had a couple of starts. Allen is the highly recruited kid coming in with the expectations of getting the starting gig from the day he transferred.

No. Postma should. Let’s face it, when a qback starts getting scared and can’t protect the ball, it’s time to move on. Levine made the change too late and it cost him his job.