Are UofA single tix on sale?

My UofA grad colleague is coming down with his wife. I see section 231 tickets on sale through vividseats for $31 each. That’s a great value. When do single game tickets go on sale through UH? There may be two together closer to his fans in the other endzone corner.

They should already be on sale through the ticket office

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All single game tickets are on sale through our ticket office.

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I just went on the site. There are way too many tickets are available. Time to start a thread. This should have been sold out long ago.

Good luck getting kids (and thus their parents), ladies, the elderly and most casual fans with a brain to sit in a blowtorch.

To name a few for the first week.
Second week:
U of H
We/they play at or around 11 a.m.
I understand your concern but we have no choice friends. We must sell out every single game. You want to be in a P5 I hope. A mediocre attendance against a P5 School and especially against scumlin will be a terrible statement. Furthermore we are on National TV.


The diehards Can wish all we want but a large chunk of season tickets over the past few years were bought by brokers who have now dumped their affiliation after Hermann left. Add to that people dissatisfied with Applewhite, or even Briles, and we won’t get a good crowd until we win several in a row. All the more reason not to start making fun of the Advo care bowl before we even sell out.

It is absolutely no excuse. We have to sell out. We want to be in a P5 we have to start acting like one. Our kids deserve that. What message are we sending them if this is not sold out? What message are sending to recruits (there will be plenty) if we do not sell out? Think about it. We are at a cross road and the gap will only get wider with the P5’s. Let’s send a message to scumlin. That alone should sell every single seat in the stadium.

They are trying to move tickets. $100 Family 4 pack (4 tickets, 4 hot dogs and 4 sodas) for all home games. Also they put on sale today for U of A all available 300 level seats are $15. Tough to get the casual fan out at 11:00 in the heat and no telling what it will feel like at 1:30.

Game time matters. A few in my group, season ticket holders are out. They were miserable during the TT game and are not eager for that again. We are trying to find others to come in their place. The same goes for Rice, I know many (when tickets were in the 40 dollar range) that we’re not going to go and get roasted in the upper deck.

UH vs Arizona 300 level and 200 level end zone seats can be purchased for $15 each using promo code PRIDE.

Put the code PRIDE into the box on the upper left of this web page then hit “Go”.

I have no clue if it is possible to bring some of these into the stadium but it is worth a try.

Cooling products:

Praying for clouds. :cloud:


the game should have been at night. i guarantee it would be a large crowd at gametime.


The atmosphere for the Arizona game if it was a night game would be nuts. It would have a great crowd. One thing I remember from the TT game is that there was not much energy from the crowd, it just felt flat. Yes, I know other teams play at 11 but the question is, should they? I know TV dictates but what about player and fan safety? An 11 am game in Houston is far different than an 11am game in Michigan or Ohio. Is that something ADs can ask the comish to add to a contract, start times the first 2 games of the season should be late. Guess we can pray for clouds.


But, should, would does not work here. We play at 11 a.m. Period, we can’t change it. Everyone has to be there and send back scumlin to Tucson with a strong message.

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I wouldn’t worry too much just yet. How many of our sellouts, were sold out 3 weeks before game time? I’m thinking zero. If we beat up on Rice, the remaining tickets will start moving quicker.

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Navy in 2015 and Louisville in 2016 were probably the only games at TDECU that sold out more than a few days/hours in advance.

If we beat Rice by a decent amount, I could see this one topping 32K sold. That heat is going to keep a lot of people away and there won’t be as many Wildcats there as Tech fans last year.

Really hope that our next TV partner has more common sense about game times though.

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still 22 k tickets left for the game. what a joke