Are we placing the blame where it really belongs?

I would prefer not to associate with the BigXII in non-conference games from here forward, but do they really deserve the blame. Doesn’t the blame belong at the feet of ESPN and Fox. They are willing to give extra money to those ********, so they don’t have to shell out the true market value for UH. Not watching live games on ESPN anymore. Going to the games in person or watching a replay. We bring them ratings, and they screw us. The BigXII is culpable of greed, but ESPN and Fox are culpable of collusion.


Aresco needs to negotiate a better deal. Big 12 had the power and we don’t have alternatives since we’re stuck in this contract. Can we threaten to add teams to our conference and have ESPN pay us extra?

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Not watching our games live is not a solution, that will just prove “they were right” to not add us.

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Read “Death to the BCS.” It’s from 2010, so obviously some things have changed, but they’re surface details in comparison to what certainly hasn’t changed. You will have a different opinion of where the blame should be assigned.

I go to most games, home and away.

We need to have other suitors in order to negotiate a better deal. One of the problems during the last deal was that NBC basically under-bid us and allowed ESPN to swoop in and match (due to previous contract rules). Have to have FOX, NBC, and/or CBS come in and create a bidding war. Question is, why would they do that if the first time a P5 wants to expand, 10/12 schools jump to try to get in?

Problem also is that you have to be willing to go with the alternative. ESPN has given us much more exposure than we had previously and we’ve ran with it; would moving to another network with much less viewers really help us? Right now, recruits can see us every game; can’t say that about some MWC or CUSA teams. It’s a big reason why the AAC has won the battle against the MWC as the top G5 conference.

Aresco really needs to go outside the box and work with the other G5 conferences (or at least the MWC) and try to at least build an alliance and go to the table together. We really start exploring the digital world and try to get out in front with that and sell them inventory. Setup a G5 championship game with the winner getting the NY6 bowl bid. Push for an expanded playoff with the best G5 team getting a slot. Otherwise, I have a feeling that we’re going to end up like CUSA which had their contract cut along with their exposure.


I am now convinced that this expansion debate was a farce since the beginning. Look at the timeline. Before and after the ACC decision the small12 had no intention to expand. The ACC’s decision came and all of a sudden everything changed? No, the small12 used us and every other Schools to get more money from ESPN & Fox. I expect a new tv deal for the small12 in the coming days/weeks. How can you blame the tv networks? This was a no win situation for them.
You can bet that Mr.Tilman is not only furious but also personally upset. Remember that he can’t show how he truly feels. I am 100% confident that he was already planning alternatives. He is a successful businessman for a reason.
The only way for the AAC to achieve a P6 status would be to go to court or congress. Does anyone thinks this is going to happen?
It might be time for the AAC to look at the best of the MWC and AAC to try and establish a better non P5 conference. This would be in the better interest of both leagues…including Boise State. You get BYU and you have something to bring to the networks.

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I have been saying that for awhile. G5 conferences seem to be in competition with each other instead of cooperating. G5s have to work together to raise their brands.

As far as blaming ESPN and not B12 for this circus, I really can’t co-sign that. This has all been B12’s doing. ESPN didn’t tell B12 to waste everyone’s time. If anything ESPN and Fox is going to pay 12 more now so that they can insure that the conference will die and they don’t have to deal with them anymore.

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The whole ratings thing still gets me. If I don’t have a Neilson ratings box in my house they don’t know what I’m watching correct? So I can continue watching our games on ESPN without having to worry about helping them out? lol

Right. You have to have a Nielsen box for them to track you.

If you’re watching online, they see the number of views.

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I’m told that cable networks have the capacity to tell which channels are being viewed at any given time. They keep that pretty quiet for obvious reasons, but it makes sense they can monitor their own lines.

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