Are we Title IX compliant?

With the Baylor scandal and the recent report from Vice, I wonder just how compliant UH is with Title IX. With the recent addition of women’s Golf, I believe we are taking the law seriously but I have no data to back that up. I’m sure that the recent investments in track and basketball facilities go towards compliance as well. In the future, with Athletic center space being vacated by basketball and football, that gives an opportunity to remodel for more sport specific areas for volleyball, soccer and the like.
What do you think? How important is Title IX to you?

As a state school, UH was mandated to comply with Title IX early on. I believe UH has done their best to make the campus as safe as possible and encourages members to come forward if something happens to them without repurcussion. Hoewever, without the stats, its hard to tell.

As far as athletics, I believe we are compliant. We have 6 men’s teams and 9 women’s teams so it seems like we should be pretty close to compliance as far as numbers go. I might take this on and try to find a report that’s out there on UH.

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