Are you happy with your HOA?

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My neighbors (and me at times) have complained about every HOA I’ve ever had. Lol


We bought 3 acres and got out of our hoa neighborhood. From your local hoa to the federal government they love to control your life. No thanks.

San Jancinto County works for me. 1.8 total tax rate.

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I’m happy that I’ve never owned a house in a place with an HOA.


Mine has been fine

As annoying as they can be at times, I will likely keep buying in areas with them. I’m under contract for another house with one right now.

Mine too. Every time I get a letter, I deserve it. I don’t like it but I usually deserve it.

We did have a difference of opinion once about what a weed is. I won. They lost.

What I hate is when they give you a letter for something that’s clearly an issue in the common grounds they control too. That gets me worked up a bit. Lol

I fought for 2yrs to get out of my historic district. Some people got on the board, and started acting like idiots, and half the nieghborhood left

I’ve been in 2 HOAs and 2 not HOAs i prefer not having an HOA telling me what kind of improvements and colors or fence i can put up. They’re good for other things like organizing community events and stopping the neighbors from fighting. But, i like being able to do my own thing when i want to no questions asked.

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That part sucks but it’s nice to have them when your next door neighbor doesn’t like to take care of their yard.

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Copperfield and yes. They’ve not raised rates that much in 18 years really. Keep things clean and aren’t over bearing.

I don’t have one so I’ve had to take care of my nieghbors property for the last 10 yrs, or they will only mow it once a year

Somebody’s gonna get a nasty letter. :grimacing:

No HOA here. We’re still free to park in the front yard.

I live in Quail Valley which is the oldest golf course planned community, Most homes are from the 70’s surrounded by many new, more expensive communities, Sienne, Riverstone, First Colony, Brightwater. My HOA isn’t expensive and do a great job making people keep up their properties.