Aresco provides details on potential future TV deals

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Yeah. You can’t “negotiate.”

I guess, if you can’t get the big money from ESPN, syndication is another way to go. It’s like going back to the way it was, and in syndication if you have local free tv picking up games it is just more exposure for the league. Plus, if it brings in additional revenue, all the better.

Aresco only the second commissioner I’ve ever paid attention to. As bad as Britton Banowsky was, I am very pleased with Aresco. (Apart from the quality of the YouTube feed for the media days.)


He is publicly negotiating with ESPN and Fox. If you wont pay us they will. Brilliant!


If we get low balled on our tier 3 right, should we start our own streaming network. Would you play $10.00 a month to watch non televised games in all sports including baseball or would you rather we stayed with ESPN3?


Ill pay 10 bucks for all UH in HD.


That’s a no brainer. I absolutely would.

If you go to Go to Fan Center. Go to Media. You will Houston All-Access. For a $9.95 a month you can see all home games for pretty much every sport that is not being streamed on ESPN or on TV.

If you wan to support the program, and for that matter to prove there is value in streaming subscriptions, fans should sign up for Houston All-Access. I have for years. Have watched a few basketball games when not on anywhere else but primarily use it for baseball and softball. I have season tickets to baseball but cannot go to every game. It is great to be able to watch online. The do need to improve their feed to HD level. Hopefully they can upgrade this year.


What do you get during the summer months?

Not much.

I think the number of people who would pay for that is extremely small. Not enough to make sense financially.

Maybe HE/Nic Cage can negotiate

It does look however that he looks like he wants to get the heck out of here.

I’m with the others. I’d pay 10 bucks in a heartbeat. The real issue is getting 3 0r 4 teams in football, basketball and baseball which grab national attention. That’s when the networks start to talk about real money because they start worrying that another network might jump in just as the AAC becomes profitable. It’s not that far off, so anything in the interim is good.