Aresco to retire

Very few fought the fight to promote their conference as he did. AAC will miss him.


Aresco is smart to cash out now and cement his legacy.


I respect Aresco for always fighting for the conference even though he was in a no win spot


I think there were times he could’ve done more. But idk in what spot the conference was in. I know when the conference was good it was good.

The new commish should be great and leverage the big cities they have.

Always been a big fan of Aresco…one of the better Commishes I felt in CFB…may he enjoy his retirement


Losing smu , Tulane losing their game with coach and liberty getting in prob did it bc the aac in 2024 isn’t going to be strong like in the past to get that for sure big bowl.

He was the right guy for the job and did the best he could with what he had.


I am 76 and I can guarantee you that wanting to spend more time with family and grandchildren is a valid statement. You won’t find anyone on their deathbed saying they wish they had spent more time at work.


Nothing but respect for Aresco and the uphill battle he fought for the AAC. Peek AAC was a great conference that went toe to toe with P5s but unfortunately the coach-poaching eroded the conference. It was a great stage for UH and put us on the map nationally on the long grind back to relevancy.

Cheers Mr. Aresco, enjoy your retirement


Yep. He must have some cash he can only cash out if he retires. He was awesome for the American.

Always felt he was an ESPN guy sent in to make a valid junior network for ESPN programming.

Nevertheless, very pleased to be able to watch every game of my beloved Coogs on a legitimate TV broadcast versus streaming some stadium feed off CSTV or something or other on my gateway computer via DSL.

He did a good job and thankful for his service.

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Aresco is retiring? From what? This guy did diddly squat as the head of the AAC. All I can say to him is AMF!

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Sun Belt will overtake AAC without Aresco, wait and see. He was great.

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Tough spot. But he fought hard and stayed dignified. His leadership made the MWC look like a lower division conference by comparison.

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Stick this here for an AAC FB catch up.

Worn out by the fight, no doubt…

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