Aresco trying to get 4 MWC schools

Aresco is in his gangsta mood again by trying to destroy his closest competition, the MWC. He’s trying to make sure the AAC is still P6. I think that is a smart move by him.

CBS Sports reported Thursday that the American Athletic Conference has targeted four MWC schools – Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State and San Diego State – for expansion in response to losing Cincinnati, Houston and UCF to the Big 12.

AAC commissioner Mike Aresco said his conference would aggressively expand and remain in the “Power 6.” CBS Sports reported the AAC is also targeting UAB of Conference USA.

Would Boise State even leave the MWC? Don’t they get more money than everyone else?

If San Diego State and Colorado State go they might have no choice but to also go


What happens next with AAC will reveal a lot.

I guess Big 12 decided not to add 6 schools because they want to see what happens with Pac 12 in their media rights negotiation. If it goes poorly, Big 12 could pursue UA, ASU, Colorado, and Utah.


Nebraska. Big Red shootout.

Right. Colorado State is doubly helpful, because I think it helps you get both Boise and Air Force.

I don’t know if this works, but it’s worth a shot.

The MWC should poach SMU and UTSA


hose are probably the two I would be talking to.

If I’m getting all strategic, I give UTSA a solo invite. That would deprive the AAC of an expansion target. Then from there I start chin-stroking about whether we are more interested in North Texas or SMU. If that doesn’t make SMU bite then you’re not biting. Then just go ahead and invite North Texas.

UTSA in particular, since that would potentially deprive the AAC of an expansion target.

Just UTSA, and then after that start chin-stroking and talking about whether you are more interested in North Texas or SMU.

no, even with sweetheart deal they make less than the aac… article notes the Aresco thinks if the pulls through the aac tv deal wont reduce

This. AAC and potentially other conferences are sleeping on a very hungry San Antonio market. Being from SA, we are desperate for more sports. Spurs gave us an amazing 20 year run. We supported the Alliance minor league football team very well.


Not sure why Air Force and/or CSU before UNLV.


I dont see why the MWC schools would leave, but if they did, it would be a major win for Aresco

The market is large and growing but now they have an NFL team to compete against (in addition to a lot of other entertainment). Also their football is terrible and their attendance is bad even by MWC standards.

Because UNLV does not have a record of being a good FB team.

And Tulane did?

One mistake need not justify another.

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I like those 4 schools though I would switch out Air Force for UNLV. Aresco usually like schools in large media markets. More eyeballs for the network.

I doubt Boise State makes the move if they think they may be added to the Big12 later.

Bringing in four makes sense. Boise St. and Colorado St. don’t play baseball, Air Force, SDSU. and UAB do, so that puts the AAC back at eight for that sport.

Air Force is Air Force. Like Navy, they don’t need a market. Everywhere is a little bit their market.