Arizona AD out. Mack Rhoades expected to be called up

The Arizona situation got a lot crazier

I think Mack was part of there AD in the past. Makes sense, if Aranda fails in his next season he bails before the daggers come out for him at Baylor.

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Arizona presumably has a bigger athletic budget than Baylor. Maybe done all he can in Waco and wants to move to Arizona?

Pez to Baylor?


Mack is skilled at getting out of Dodge before things go south… think Mizzou.


I’m not sure Arizona is a better situation, even if he’s under heat for the Aranda hire. The reason AZ needs a new AD is because the old one put them in a massive financial hole. Their department isn’t in great shape. Its part of the reason why Fisch left to be the coach at Washington

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Arizona is a large public school.

Baylor is a small private school with no NIL potential.

Can we get mack back?

We are in better position to be great than Arizona

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Yes he seems to be quite skilled at doing that.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Did he help raise money for McLane Stadium or just Foster Pavilion?

Mack Rhoades’ whole family lives in Tuscon apparently. He must be seriously considering the move.


K, you are absolutely correct ! If he leaves BU you know Aranda is gone after next season . And yes,Mack (reminds me of Pauly Shore) will not have to fire him !
I am glad he is gone from UH,He runs away at the first sign of trouble.
Go Coogs !

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I have known every AD at Houston for the last 50 years…Mack is the only one i didnt like…


I had no issues with Mack being the UH AD. I was sorry to see him leave.


I can think of a couple I didn’t like. Won’t name names but think 1990s.

The A.D. was terminated due to the spending problems and projected financial shortfalls at Arizona. President Robbins also could get fired.

When the finances get straightened out the Arizona job should be a good one and,yes, superior to Baylor.



He is one of the most successful ADs in our history.

His achievements speak for themselves.

2009- 2015

-Got us into a BCS Conference (Big East)
-Raised money for new football stadium and improved basketball facilities (practice facility)
-Hired CKS and helped set the vision for the MBB revival.
-Hired Herman and the H-Town Takeover era


Yes, really…face to face he was an obnoxious jerk…and he made BAD hires before he made good ones to correct them…


Did you like Hunter Y? I met Mack when he was in the running for Tennessee job. Chet the Jet didn’t seem great but he has stayed in a dream job at Navy for a long time.

I thought Mack was a good AD here, but each person is entitled to his own opinion. I will just say some people are impossible to please.


I have liked all our ADs from Harry F to the present, even the ones who had some difficulties, but i DONT like MR…He told me to my face that building that stadium was more important than hiring a top coach for FB…his reasoning for hiring a special teams coach for the job…