Arizona impressions

Watched most of the game last night… my only slightly informed impressions:

NAU put up over 500 yards, and they made a ton of mistakes and missed many wide open receivers. Were able to run also.

Arizona is not particularly big on either side of the ball. There DLINE seems undersized and not that fast.

However, on the offensive side of the ball, speed speed speed speed. They are FAST. And they run a lot of speed option plays to the edge, which could be bad for us. Heck they didn’t even use most of the options, they just ran, and ran fast.

Seems like they kept the play book super simple last night, didn’t show much, they didn’t need to.

It would have helped for us to have a game before hand. However, they don’t have any tape on us. If we can run effectively, and Allen plays well we could really cause Arizona heartache. Allen can make throws we couldn’t really make the past 2 years.

I imagine they run away from our DLINE, so our back lines are going to have to be sharp.

This is a tough opener for us. Stating the obvious but it is going to come down to defense, execution and who has the fewest turnovers.


They don’t seem to be able to play defense or pass. I’m hoping we can pick up a W here.

hard to know about the passing since they hardly passed yesterday. They didn’t need to with a D2 D-Line and all the speed they have.

Props to NAU though, I think they have a really good team and will do well this year. Well coached.


Still hard to know about OUR passing prowess. It rubs me the wrong way when I keep hearing that Allen can make the throws GWJr could not make.

Well, until I see Allen make those throws in a pressure situation then I have no reason to believe can can make these throws.

We have big, slower receivers with great hands. But they will almost never break a screen pass for a TD or blaze past a CB or safety for an easy 6.

Most of our long pass plays last year were on extended plays off the scramble and GW found the open man. I hope Allen is the next Peyton Manning, but I want to see him make the throws. We gave not seen it in the scrimmages yet.


I watched a ton of Kyle Allen with A&M. He can make certain throws better than Ward. But only certain throws. That’s not a knock on Greg. Ward is and always will be one of the best QB’s UH has ever had.

I have no idea what to expect. We could be great, mediocre, or terrible.


I’m just starting to dig into the Wildcats now. I’ll have my game preview article up later in the week.