Arizona schools to Big 12?

Take it with a grain of salt but saw this on Twitter

This could be good and bad for UH. If the 2 Arizona schools move to the Big 12, the Pac will have no option but to expand into Texas immediately. So that’s good. The bad may be Pac media revenue going down with the loss of 2 schools. Still be much higher than AAC though.

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I don’t see it happening, but yeah, it might be good for UH if it did.

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Why wouldn’t you do this if you were the Zona schools? This would be great for us. The NCAA can’t let the Pac sink with USC and Oregon so major realignment would happen. The P5 dream is over everyone sees right through it. B10 and SEC run everything besides them there’s about 8 programs with a realistic CFP chance. That’s not power.

The same reason that AZ schools want the Big 12 (Central Time Zone exposure) is the same reason I don’t like UH to PAC 12.

But I guess I could learn to cry myself to sleep on my mattress of $$$.


So you would rather be in the G5 than the P5? It’s not like we can just choose to be in the SEC.

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We wouldnt even be in the same region as the California schools. And tbh watching these games go all the way to 2am would be a chore. But I’m for it if well get respected.

Sure wish we had the chance to re-kindle the in-state competition we enjoyed back in the SWC days…you may say I’m a dreamer…

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Not that this is even going to happen but I would much rather play teams like USC, Stanford and Cal then Tulsa, ECU and Tulane. Plus, we wouldn’t be in a conference with ut.

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Arizona’s last home game was against The U. of Washington. It was very close to a sell out.

In September Tx Tech came to Tucson. Lots of Tech fans attended but it was not close to a sell out.

I have been here 4 years, have a Granddaughter attending U. of Arizona. Have never detected any fascination with Texas schools here. A very large number of Arizona residents are from California and the Upper Midwest. That is where the interests are. Especially California.

I predict zero interest in The Big 12.


This tweet in response is interesting.

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This doesn’t make sense for the Arizona schools but it does make since for the PAC12 to get into CST and could be on their agenda.

The Arizona schools need to start winning and filling their stadium before they can think about moving anywhere.

Another reason it makes no sense is that the Big12 does not have a network to collect subscription fees in Arizona. Their returning investment in adding the Arizona schools would be in the negative after payouts to those schools.

I like the idea of being a Texas school in the PAC. I think our Texas athletes would smoke the athletes on the west coast.

Money trumps everything. If joining the Big 12 pays them enough, nothing else will matter.

Maybe we could ‘carpool’ with the Astros:)

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Sounds like a Beatles song.

Can both Arizona schools generate $40M a piece plus $20M for existing B12 schools? I doubt it. We are talking about money generated from viewership.

At least adding UH, the PAC12 can collect cable subscription fees from Texas. That alone would probably buy UH into the PAC12.

Ah, I have to think selfishly like UT which probably wants to expand the LHN to Arizona so they will be the only B12 school making more money.

If the AZ schools can’t add incremental value to the Big 12, I can’t see how any pair of current G5 schools could. So Big 12 expansion with G5 schools is a non-starter.

Assuming the Pac 12 does add UH, your assumption that that P12N would charge it’s full subscription fee from all Texas cable providers/subscribers, may be flawed. They may be able to charge the full rate in Houston (Itself a larger cable market than all of Oregon), but for the rest of Texas I am not sure they’ll be able to. UH does not have that kind of popular support throughout the state.

But the Houston market alone is large enough to add (potentially) $75 million a year to the PACN.



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I suspect its just the AZ schools stirring the pot to wake up the Pac12 … and can their commish …

SEVERAL negatives here …

Neither Texas or OU are extending their GORs regardless of the Az news …

Both Az schools are just BIG TxTech areas … ONLY BIGGER plus the Grand Canyon … no recruits around except sand, jackrabbits, gila monsters … tumbleweed … cactuses … and rattlers …

This rumor circled the wagons about a year ago … and died on the vine … now its just another walking dead zombie come to life … we are close to Halloween BTW …