Arkansas head coach candidates

How about Dana ? You think he jumps ship after one year ?

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You know damn well they wouldnt want him


Food isn’t bad there…No saying that is the reason.

There is a lot of delusion in that article

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Arkansas is a bad job now. They can’t hope to compete with LSU, Bama, Auburn and A&M in the same division.

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I hope they get Norvel - might give us a shot of beating Memphis some year.


No mention of Benedict Briles?

Idk I think the right coach could recruit well there…they were a solid program up until hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina didn’t hit Arkansas

Oh I was referring to Tulane

Norvell is probably the best they can hope for.

Right. They’re bowl-eligible for the 2nd consecutive year. There’s a lot of talent in the New Orleans-Baton Rouge area. No reason some of those kids wouldn’t go to Tulane if they saw they could win. And remember Fritz’s prior school was Georgia Southern, which financially is as about as comparable to Tulane as Tulane is to a school like Baylor or Wake Forest.

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At least I tried :grin::grin::wink:

The onlt person left that would want to go there AND would probably turn it around is Benedict Briles.