Arkansas head coach candidates

Informative article about the qualifications of potential candidates.

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Where’s Apple Boy ?

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Expect Sampson to make the list.


Fritz is way too low on this list.

Fleck and Rhule aren’t taking that job are they high?

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I voted for Lane Kiffin. I hope our wonder boy ended with Kiffin or Graham.

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The article mentions that a new HC should make Arkansas be Arkansas.

Well, Arkansas was Arkansas when they were in the SWC which they left and began the SWC road to extinction.

But Arkansas in the SWC was a team that from 1915 to 1991 had won 13 conference championships. They were named the national champions in 1964. Since joining the SEC Arkansas has finished 1st or tied for 1st in their division 3 times with the last being in 2006. They have never won the SEC.

That makes 13 seasons without winning their Division and 30 years since they won or tied for a conference championship in FB. 1989 was the last time Razorback fans could boast of winning a conference crown.

Arkansas has not been Arkansas since they left the SWC. They are now closer to Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Miss. St.whose glory days were in the 1960’s with only Kentucky later having a shared SEC crown in 1976 with Georgia due to Miss. St. having to forfeit a win against Kentucky.

50 year old Arkansas FB fans who watched their Hogs win in 1989 are now 80 years old or dead. Arkansas FB should enjoy another 30 years without a SEC title.

Missouri, South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Texas A&M join Arkansas as the only SEC teams without a conference FB championship.

Long, Long ago, Tulane and Georgia Tech won SEC crowns.

May Arkansas spend millions and millions more dollars for future futility on SEC FB teams. Just like the Aggies. With 0 titles.


Maybe Memphis will be distracted because their coach is rumored for the Arkansas job.

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Stuff like that doesn’t happen to Memphis. Stuff like that happens to us when we play Memphis.


Another negative factor is they have Alabama, Auburn, and LSU in their division. They never should of left the SWC.

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They are in a tough spot. Stuck on offense in the middle of a disaster of a transition from pro style to the passing game.

Which direction to go?

Pounding it out NFL style with a massive OL and FB/TE/Hbacks types worked for awhile w Bielema.

Throwing it all over was a disaster w the surprisingly lost Morris as they switched personal from Bielema’s scheme.

Petrino was on a real role till he screwed up but circumstances have changed.
He was in his prime as a play caller when the SEC West still had massive LBs and Safeties who couldn’t cover guys.

The SEC West in mostly 2 deep in NFL quality LBs/Safeties in pass coverage now.

What is going to work for Ark with @Top 25 offensive talent when the rest of the SEC West brings in Top 10 defensive talent?

Sumlin to Arkansas!


Wait! Briles, it would be a perfect match!


A bit morbid for the 1989 pig fans. :skull:

Well, they should have left with us in tote…

Dimel hasn’t coached at Arkansas yet. Just saying…

Yeah but if Arkansas had stayed in the SWC, those fans probably would have seen several more SWC/BIG12 championships during their life.

But speaking about long ago football glory, just look at the Aggies.
It has now been 21 years since they won a conference championship. That was when they were in the BIG12 in 1998.

But this is the 80th anniversary of that great all white, no girls allowed in school 1939 national championship team. Not many Aggies alive today who witness that great day in Aggie glory.

Just how long ago was that game. The Aggies won the Sugar Bowl 14-13 against an SEC Powerhouse team, Tulane.

I never understood why Fritz took the Tulane job. Hey’s a really good coach. Tulane is a hard place to recruit to and coach.

Lol. Aggy championship when Hitler was on office

He’s on the older side. Maybe didn’t want the hassle of a bigger job.

I see that Norvell is leading the poll … with Fleck coming in second and Campbell third …

“Someone else” is fourth!!! … my monopoly $$$ is on “someone else” as long as he bring in “whatsamycallit DC” …