Armed Forces Bowl Sold Out

For the first time in the history of the bowl, the game is sold out. Got an email about this earlier today on that. Sounds promising.


Probably due to the 2 I bought!!


Army travels well.

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A lot of free tickets donated by both sides. Good to be at a well attended game!

Are they using the whole stadium or are the upper decks blocked off?

Doesn’t the stadium hold 45K?

Probably bringing Ft. Hood, maybe Ft. Polk.


I sure didn’t expect that. If you go to the Armed Forces Bowl website it states Sold-Out! For the first time in the Bowl’s 16 year history!

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Does anyone know if we sold out our required allotment? I’d hate for the game to be “sold out” without all of our required allotment seats actually sold and U of H does not have to eat any of the tickets.

I just called because of some tickets that didn’t arrive, and they told me UH still has some tickets.

According to the website all sections were available for purchase. The doesn’t mean they couldn’t just cap the GA at a smaller number and tarp off the corners with advertisements. Especially if those banners would get them more cash than a section of $30 tickets.

67 F and Sunny. Plus the 230 kickoff allows for folks from Houston (especially the northern suburbs) to drive there and back without the need for a hotel stay. It will be a nice crowd.

My guess is Army fans attend this game in record numbers to watch the massacre.


Military veterans were offered tickets for $2.50 each. I purchased four and gave them to some of our fans who were on the fence about going.


After careful consideration, I have decided to stay home and focus on preparing myself for the next phase of my life (retirement). With that said, I will not be attending the bowl. I appreciate all of the people I cheered with these last 20-something years but I am ready to take my talents to the next phase as well as focus on the basketball game (I am a 2-sport fan) and will stay home that day.

Thank you to my family, my managers and co-workers. Still proud to be a Coog for Life!



Love it CougarDave!

Why would they want to see their team get destroyed? Because anyone here or at Army who thinks that the Army secondary is going to keep up with Marquez Stevenson is dreaming.

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This sounds like it will be a “sell out,” and I’m assuming that there will be thousands of empty seats that were donated.

Still, I’m expecting fan support to be something like Army 80/20, and should be a good crowd.

My brother (an Army vet) got four for free (or maybe that $2.50 service charge) and didn’t offer me one. :slight_smile: He said there were lots available. Maybe 100 were available for the Cotton Bowl game but those went like a Taylor Swift concert.

The bowl officials are expecting a big crowd and parking passes have been sold out for weeks. For those who have never been to TCU, plan your parking in advance. Game day parking can be brutal there.


For the 2009 bowl game against AF I went to TCU’s message board to ask about parking. They were quite helpful; but I can’t remember where I the secret parking lot they told me about. Can’t make it to this year’s game; we will be flying to NYC to have Christmas with our daughter. Will be recording the game.