Armoni Brooks Highlights

the sharp shooter, potential starter?


If Brooks is not starting next season, then it bodes well for the depth again. He seemed to start consistently contributing on both ends by the end of the season.

If I was teaching my son to shoot [he’s still a little young], I would tell him to watch Ar’moni shoot and copy him.

No doubt in my mind that Armoni has all the tools to have a great season…and I think with his experience he definitely starts. He has proven he can shoot but he can also drive the basket and has developed rebounding skills…IMO he has a great for the game and will develop into an all-league type player.
I felt like he was reluctant to shoot at times during the playoffs and joined many on the team in watching the Rob Gray show…
But I honestly feel like he will assert himself even more and should be surrounded by a very talented bunch of teammates…