Armoni pursues his NBA dream

Not good.


Nothing to worry about he isn’t hiring an agent so when they tell him he won’t be drafted he will pull out.


He’s doing this to get feedback and see where he stands, which is smart. I’d guess there’s a 95% chance he comes back. I would be surprised, but if he does get feedback that he will be a first rounder, it’s obviously a big loss, but we should wish him well.


Yes, it’s feedback… here is what we want to see, this is what you will need to work on.


They won’t tell him to transfer right?

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I beleive Rob Gray did this as well his junior year?

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why? he is definitely coming back…and it might improve his draft stock next year.

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Does this mean he works out for teams in order to get the evaluations?

that has a negative percent chance of happening…that would mean he would have to redhsirt…making him older when he finally enters the draft …and nba teams want them as young as possible


Smart move.

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Yes, individual team workouts. Typically 6 players in each one.


“I want to know what I need to get better at and where I stand in playing professionally.”

Trying to put together my schedule for next semester. I need to know, do I really have to finish my degree, or can I take a “full time schedule” of Bowling, Volleyball, Modern Dance, and Tennis? :grin:


CKS probably encourage him, so he can find out what parts of his game he can work in. Very underrated rebounder !!! He’ll be back. But in the future, expect guys like Jarreau to test the waters next year…

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Btw, it will be easier to replace guys in the future because the talent CKS has been bringing lately, and will get in the future, will be better under his helm. Remember, it was Armoni who said he expects to play for CKS next season.

Good move by Armoni. He is taking care of his future and getting the information he needs to plan the next steps in his life. All of us would get the most information possible on our future if we were in the same or similar circumstances.

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2 weeks ago: Hey Armoni is CKS coming back?

Today: Hey CKS is Armoni coming back?


He’ll be back. Only way he stays in draft if he feels very confident to go in 1st rd. Which imo is not happening. Not staying to be 50th person–2nd rd in draft . Can gain more by having great Sr year similar to D. Dotson.



I wish they did this in football. We might could have had Deontay Greenberry for our 2015 season. Maybe even kept DeMarcus Ayers another year.