Armoni rolled ankle

Saw he came down hard but didnt see a roll. Anyone see something else? Obviously we all saw him limping off but he came back in later in the game.

Why would he miss those games?
He came back into the Lamar game after the ankle injury. He still looked hobbled, but I would guess he’s ok, since he came back.

Confusing title. Didn’t hear that in the post game or see anything on twitter. Did someone post that info?

No, im assuming because an ankle roll is usually him missing 2 weeks and he didnt look the same after it happened?

edit: changed it

Could have just been a twist and not a sprain. Which means he would have a little swelling and stiffen up a bit but will be back to 100% once the soreness and swelling subsides.

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It was more like a his feet buckled when he hit the ground. I saw it right in front of me and it looked bad at the moment.

They showed it in slow mo on TV. It rolled when he came down but not all the way. I’ve done that more times than I can count. Hurts like crazy, but you tighten your shoe to control the swelling (which he did) and don’t let it stiffen up. He’ll be sore for a couple of days, but 100% before the next game.

That’s the beauty of being a Jordan school. He just laced him his kicks and was able to walk it off. " Its gotta be the shoes!"


Heard second hand that the players like the Jordan look but some have said off the record that they aren’t great basketball shoes.


I figured they werent. The shoes are heavy and none of the ones that i’ve personally seen have been flexible or breathable. Great recruiting tool/bad playing gear.

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What is the news on his tootsie? We need him!

there’s video of player entering the jet to stillwater, armoni seems to be walking fine, and has no brace…
will be shocked if he doesnt play

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