Army 28 Colgate 14

Let that sink in, Colgate put up a better fight than UH.


Army is a very good team but their style of play isnt set up for the other opponent to be blown out on the scoreboard…which is what makes this performance catostrophic. They made us look like we were a bad FCS team.


Exactly right! All respect to Army, they’re never intimidated and they’ve done more with less than anyone for a couple seasons, but what happened Saturday should have Never happened. When a college from the Toothpaste Conference can slow you down, it stands to reason that we should be able to compete at a higher level.

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The way we played on Saturday against Army, I think that North Shore HS and some other elite Texas HS teams could have beaten us.

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I think most agree that we were ripe for a 38-17 type blowout but to give up a 70 spot against a triple option team? That’ll go down in Cougar lore in a bad way no doubt. Sometimes I don’t see enough fight in Applewhite- Levine was the same way. There is no doubt Appmewhite is closer to Levine than Herman. Hmmm


Ill give Levine credit though even with the bad losses he never lost like that! lol

Nvm forgot about the SMU game his first year. But still…

That SMU game was nothing like the total domination that Army laid on us Saturday. In the SMU game, the offense gave away a lot of points with pick sixes, etc. They didn’t just roll over us, control both lines of scrimmage, and totally dominate us.

We should just be happy that Army runs a deliberate offense and uses almost the entire play clock, or they could have easily put up 100 on us.


They threw for a TD when the game was no longer in doubt so they weren’t exactly trying not to score. I am not faulting them for that but it’s a game Coogs can point to when someone complains about the margin of victory [hopefully in favor of the Coogs next time]

Toothpaste is stronger than our Football team…who knew?


Oh, shame on Army for running up the score. They threw all of four passes during the game. It was just a case of them being able to score any way they wanted. In my mind, the game was no longer in doubt after their opening drive when they were pushing our defense off the line of scrimmage by three to five yards on every play.


No shame from my perspective but I am not going to pretend that they were playing conservative nor am I going to ask them to.

Applewhite’s team quit on him. It all falls on the head man when a team has no fight. Who approved of the horrible decisions that were made during the game (i.e. kicking from the Army 30 years line). Atrocity. I didn’t think this before I saw the bowl game, but another year of Applewhite will destroy the program.

Army could have scored 90

Lookup the weight of the DL that registered tackles for Colgate vs Army then compare it to the guys who registered tackles for us vs Army. They aren’t massive but they are 30-40lbs heavier than our guys. Fleming was the only Herman recruit that played on the DL but did not register a tackle. When I focused on watching Fleming he was pushed 5 yards downfield by the Army center.

If your DL cannot keep the LBs clean against Army or Navy it will be a very long day.

I think Willie Smith actually started the game at NT for us. At times, Logan Hall played NT (not DE) and Derek Parish played DE (not LB).

The injuries exposed our DL depth issues and we were awful against Army, Memphis and Temple. We need guys like Turner back healthy, the FR need to get stronger, and the Juco guys need to fill in. IMO, we still have a NT hole for next year when Fleming will be a senior and the roster lacks others suited for NT.


The second string did that…

Only one Army drive, their first, was over 7 minutes. Some where around two and a couple were 4 minutes or so. Our D played like they just woke up on Saturday and decided to play Army. It looked like they hadn’t practiced assignments at all.

We all expect better next year whether that means new coaches or new attitude, I don’t care.

I’m old school and I get coaches are role models but they shouldn’t be trying to be players friends or surrogate fathers. Their role is more like a drill sergeant. That mentality is not in vogue in this day and age, but honestly, some kids need a coach to grab them, yell - spit flying everywhere- and cuss them out good when they screw up in practice or the discipline needed to play sound fundamentals is never developed.

Some kids shrivel up under such treatment and those kids never play or quit the team and mom and dad tweet unkind words about the coach. I’d give the coach a bonus each time a player or parent tweets about how coach cussed out little Johnny and that’s just not right. This isn’t FFPS. The ones that respond to it and use it to work harder so it never happens again end up being fire-breathing dragons on game day. We need that attitude.

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We have the same vision as to what a real football coach should be.

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