Art Briles out at Grambling

Hue Jackson’s OC resigns after significant uproar from alum, including Doug Williams.

Hey Morris - Did you hear that Russia invaded Ukraine?

Art Briles to - Cougar Football - Coogfans


Art was a country boy football coach. He just wasn’t programmed to self-govern. Damn shame. He’s had his share of bad fortune too.

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That may be…but the manner in which he left us (again I was at the Tulsa game, the only game I ever left at halftime), was inexcusable.

Karma, baby…

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Why was it necessary to start a second thread about Art Briles?

Not a big deal, he obviously just did not realize it was posted somewhere else.

Sorry but this is kinda funny

Did yall hear Briles is leaving Houston to take the job at Baylor?

Time for Briles to hit pastures. He is done.