We have to talk about something until kickoff. This will do for a day.

"… I just go to the human side in terms if my son was coaching I would want to be around him. It’s about fatherly love at the end of the day.” -CMA on subject


Good for Applewhite. BABs coming to a practice has nothing to do with the mess he got himself into at Baylor (gag, it’s nauseating to even write the name of that university).

You can bet on it that he’ll be consulting with Kendal about how best to run our offense.

The footage was retweeted by Duarte. Art looked so happy to just be around the players and practice. I don’t have a problem with it.


I just don’t get ANYONE having a problem with this. He VISITED a practice. He’s not talking to our players, coaching our players, having any contact with the students. He wasn’t brought in as a motivational speaker. He was there to watch his son coach a practice. Why is this such a terrible thing??? And if he wants to consult with KB on Xs and Os on their own time, I’m fine with that too. I just don’t want him having any interaction with our players or students.


Doesn’t matter. That Baylor stank is wafting around my school and I don’t like it. Don’t like being associated with it, don’t want any part of it. I do not like it at all and think it is a terrible look for UH.

Understand that these are my feelings and opinions, I understand others don’t care or mind, which is fine.


Yeah if he’s just watching in the stands and he and KB want to go get Frenchy’s after practice that’s fine. Just no interaction with players or staff on our time.


I don’t have a problem with him visiting his son. I do have a problem with him wearing UH gear while visiting, for more than just the reason of the Baylor scandal. The way he left before a bowl game (especially since he never won one), took staff, took a key player and a key recruit. He sold his right to wear UH gear on our campus.


I didn’t watch the video, so I didn’t see the UH gear. I wish he wouldn’t either, but pretty sure we can’t tell a dude what gear he can and can’t wear. Seems awfully fascist to me.


Better that he wear UH gear than Baylor or Tech gear but I get what you are saying. I give him a pass only because it’s his son and I have seen fathers back their child by wearing the school’s color. If Kendall was at SMU, he would probably show up in SMU gear. But he does have history at UH and the exit was not graceful for sure…


If UH Football policy allows for family members to attend practices, fine. If it doesn’t…later dude.

The video posted isn’t the one Duarte retweeted. Art is actually wearing UH gear, hanging out on the practice field, talking to coaches and hanging out around the players. It doesn’t show him actually talking to the players.

So I agree, we can’t tell him not to wear it but we don’t have to accept it with a friendly smile and nod of approval either.


Fair enough.

Direct Twitter video - Pretty cool seeing all these former big wigs hanging out first Brown and now AB

Ew first Longhorn cooties and now Baylor cooties. Ew. We need a hazmat team in there with the yellow suits and everything. Spray that place down.


Then Sumlin Sept 8th. After we might see Herman when the Horns schedule UH… :genie:


Art will be in Italy soon anyway…

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On the UH gear part, almost sure it’s UH Staff giving to visitors to put on. I noticed a week or so ago Greg Davis former OC at UT when Mack Brown was there and Dick Tomey former HC @ Univ Arizona were at our practice and pics showed them in UH gear and identified ea coach. So seems to be a common theme, hey you are at facility need you to put UH Coogs gear on for cameras. More odd was Tomey was there since he still has strong ties to UA Football. " Hey Mr Tomey why is that camera looking device sticking out of your pocket" !!:grin::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I feel like asking Duarte if his story before the Arizona game will read “ex-A&M coach visits UH.”