Article on BIG12 expansion BYU, Cincy, UCF and Boise

Boise State for heavens sake?

I’m telling you, all these articles that doesn’t included UH in the B12 expansion are coming from Fort Worth paper. They are scared that if B12 get raided by AAC, they’re done. They would be joining either MWC or C-USA

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At this point it’s just desperation to avoid Houston. If Boise has another mediocre season it will get even harder for them. Boise hasn’t won a relevant bowl in 7 years.


Do they realize how far Boise is from Orlando?

They likely view that dealing with a strong Houston, is worse than dealing with UT or OU

Because UT and OU are “elite” and they deserve their due…blah, blah.

BUT, being thrashed by UH year in and year out…well, that would be humiliating. And, infuriating to their fans.

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How hard it is to get a flight from Orlando to Boise?

This does not have a single valid source. Just journalist pap.