Article-QBs with transfer decisions- Kyle Allen

“Kyle Allen, Houston – Allen, the top-ranked QB in the 2014 class who began his career at Texas A&M, started Houston’s first three games this season, completed 76.2 percent of his passes and led the Cougars to a 2-1 start. Not bad, right? But Allen also threw four interceptions against four touchdowns, which led to his benching. Allen, a redshirt junior, threw just once more the rest of the season. It’d be a huge surprise to see Allen finish out his career in Houston, where D’Eriq King seemed to grab a stranglehold on the starting job to end the year. Allen, if he transfers, would be eligible immediately at the school of his choosing.”

Good luck to Kyle. Never said a bad word about his situation and was always supportive of his teammates.


Agreed. Handled himself well in a tough situation. Hope he finds success wherever he lands next year.


I’ll second that.

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“No matter what position I was in, I always said I’m going to do whatever I can to help the team win,” Allen said. “The minute (coach Major Applewhite) put Kyle Postma in against Texas Tech, I was trying to help him do whatever he could to get the ball in the end zone. At the end of the day, it’s a team sport. There are 105 guys on the team that come to practice every day. It’s not about me. I’m trying to be as useful as I can at my position.”

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Allen seems a good fit at somewhere like Sam or SFA…pure passing skills in an offense not requiring him to run at a little less talented level of competition could bring him a real successful season. Maybe his passing skills could help Sam get over the hump.

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I put the failure of Allen here on the OC. We did not.adjust our offense to use his skills at all. I wish him good luck wherever he lands.


Yes Sir, handled it all with class. Speaks volumes of the young man. Whatever he decides wish him the best

Our Ex OC Mr. Johnson was supposed to be a QB mentor. Needless to say it did not turn out well. uhmump95 Gerald you are spot on. Yes, it takes two to tango but our entire offensive Coaching staff knew what Kyle was good at. What makes a Coach a good to great Coach? You use your players best abilities. That is how every player succeeds. We heard that before King’s injury the job was his. As a Coach you always plan for plan B. Was this the reason for Johnson to leave us? You be the judge but Allen’s failure does not reflect well on our offensive Coaching staff.
Good luck to Kyle wherever he ends up.

I agree that we did not adjust our offense to suit the talents of Allen but at the same time I took issues with some of his decisions on throwing the football. That said, he is a totally class act and handled it all with grace and fortitude and I wish him all the best going forth.
As far as transferring I thought a great place for him to be would be Michigan or Washington State. He is a pro style passer with a rocket for an arm and could be decent in a pro offense…

he’ll be a grad transfer and can go to any fbs school. he isnt going to sam or sfa

no clue where he goes but a big 10 school would be ideal for him IMO, he is a prostyle qb and needs to stop going to read-option/spread offenses…ucla or usc could be interesting too
interesting if A&M tries to reget him

Allen needs an uncomplicated pro style. He can make every throw but his decision making under pressure is rough.

Does he go for a sure thing starter at a lower level or bet on himself in an open QB battle at top 25 type?

Like others, I have nothing bad to say about Kyle Allen and how he handled this year… which I’m sure sucked in a lot of aspects for him. I am generally more positive than most on the coaching staff, but the offensive staff didn’t even try to tailor the offense even somewhat to his skill set.

Hopefully he lands somewhere he can play high level football and start games.