As if it couldn't get any worse for UCF

Well, time Huepel to earn that paycheck.

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Wow. Cinci to championship game

They’re the Champs till someone take it from them.

Uhhhh …

The QB transfer from ND and freshman from Hawaii don’t exactly look/sound like …

Chopped liver to moi … replacement-wise …

I didn’t know Milton will be out for two years and that they almost amputated his leg … ouch … I suspect we might not see him again …


OK, so the ND transfer is presumably going to win the starting job by default then.

That said, UCF undoubtedly won’t be AS GOOD this year.

I’m liking our chances more and more!

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The ND transfer could have beat out Mack outright in camp. Like basically our entire defense, it’s a mystery of the upcoming season.

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Unfortunate for Mack. Wish him a speedy recovery. That being said, Wimbush starting absolutely works in our advantage. He’s a very smart QB but his ball placement is almost Ryan Mallett-ish. They’ll still be a tough out at home, but our chances have increased.


Terrible thing to happen to anyone! I wish him well - and a full and speedy recovery.

  1. No specific timetable, but he could be back by the 3rd game or so. Breaking an ankle isn’t fun, but it’s not an ACL tear. The season doesn’t start for 7-8 weeks.

  2. They play Florida A&M and Florida Atlantic in their first two games

  3. They have two good QBs, not quite Ware and Klingler, but Mack was QB in the AAC Championship Game, and Wimbush was the starter at Notre Dame in '17 when they went 10-3.

Bottom line: They may hardly be affected, if at all.

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Should never have used Carlos Correa’s masseuse.


That would be nuts…wonder what Carlos was “really doing” not what we were told. Would hope his “injury” wasn’t from a massage…