Ashley Biden’s diary

Two Floridians pleaded guilty in New York’s Southern District court to transporting the diary they stole from President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley in Florida shortly before the 2020 election to New York, where they were each paid $20,000 for it by the right-wing media group Project Veritas.

Prosecutors said that Project Veritas even asked Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander to return to Biden’s home in order to pilfer more materials for the organization. They agreed before meeting with a representative from Project Veritas in Florida to hand over additional stolen items.

Axios reported that Harris and Kurlander tried to entice the Trump campaign into purchasing it, but were rejected, adding that Harris recruited Kurlander to help her shop out the diary to potential buyers. They originally approached the Trump campaign at a September 2020 fundraiser “with the intent of showing the Victim’s stolen property to a campaign representative … hoping that the political campaign would purchase it,” federal prosecutors wrote.

What is in the diary they are trying to hide?

Has anyone in that family not been to rehab?

What business is it of ours what was in her diary? She’s a private citizen.

Sounds like her dad is a creep

Actually sounds like you are.


What is the cause of your twisted mind?

Maybe what’s in the diary is a quote of her father saying that the thing he has most in common with his daughter is sex. Now that’s something to hide.

Oops. My bad. That was from the Trump family, and not a secret, but something to share with the world. Now that’s a f’d up man regardless of who it is, but it happens to be a man you defend. SICK!!!


10% for the big guy and two kids who ended up crack addicts. Nice parenting by the big guy.

Can we not go after kids of politicians? Good lord. Hunter, fine… but let’s back off of Ashley.

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Why she is a drugee also. Did any of Trumps children get a pass?

Who cares what she does in her life? I also don’t care if others go after the trump kids (although I will say they consistently put themselves into the public eye unlike Ashley).

Why can’t you have some decency and not go after Ashley? Why does it have to be, but it’s just politics and they do it so I’m going to do it too?

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The press ignores Baron. He’s mentioned only when he shows up in a family photo. This is absolutely the right thing to do.

Don Jr., Eric and Tiffany actively campaigned and are parts of the campaign apparatus, appearing on talk shows and speaking at fundraisers.

If you wanna be cool, you gotta be cruel. :disappointed:


Good point. I often forget about baron because he’s barely talked about. Certainly not on this board (so no reason to try to find something on the interwebs).

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The press ignores Baron?


The view and other mainstream media went after Baron. Check your memory bank. The mainstream media has done an all out assault on every member ofvthe Trump family. Remember how they make fun of Melania’s accent etc…

I Think not:

Well that’s just wrong, and doesn’t excuse the antics surrounding Ashley Biden’s diary. All of us here agree that Baron deserves privacy to be a stupid kid (just like we all were once) without the press being all over it.

I’m sorry this stuff happens. To anyone.

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Is Mike Lindell one of his sons?

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Its whats in the diary. Why does the press ignore it?

Because it was stolen. I don’t want to know what’s in it any more than I want to watch celebrity talk shows. smh

I knew someone would go pick off the few times baron is mentioned in the press.

How often has baron been mentioned on this board?

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