Aspect of ESPN Deal could May Have Major Ramifications For the B12 I'm Thinking

There’s a clause in that contract after 2027 ESPN has the right to extend the media rights deal unitaterally or not. Say they don’t renew and decide to jettison the ACC as a property. That’s like 528M dollars a year they don’t pay to the ACC. Where are those media dollars going to go to? Maybe the B12 gets a major boost in media rights $ if they add teams from the ACC. ACC is not staying intact, if there not getting paid. If this happens you have your P3 and the field is monetarily leveled

P.S. and to boot they make the ACC network into the Big 12 network

For these networks to pay so much, ACC, B12 longhorn, etc, idk anyone who watches but everyone with cable pays I guess.

I see some interests to leave but not many, as in any, interests to invite.