Astros & Rockets buy AT&T Sportsnet Southwest

Didn’t they try this before only for it to end in spectacular fashion?

This is, in fact, the same channel that almost went under when the teams last owned it.

MLB and the NBA (and NFL) should just end the blackouts on Pass/Sunday Ticket and let their sports be consumable as an over-the-top subscription service. RSNs all over the country are going dark and it seems obvious to me that we’re headed there anyway. Just take our money and let us watch all the games.


It’s the reasom Crane is backing off on buying players. Lost a chunk, heard $73mm. Also future revenue is supposed to be 50% to 66% of previous

Golden age of sports media right revenue inflation is over. Warner jettison those rights for a reason there are a loser for them revenue wise. What’s going to happen and is happening some of these sports franchises are going to have, have some skin in the game, ESPN presently is looking to do the same and partner with the there sports media right partners…what there finding out there are no takers and why would you, take that risk if you don’t have to unless your are forced to

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Consumers have gotten so used to free media access via internet streaming, whether it is music, movies or TV, that they see no reason to pay a premium for watching sports. There are numerous websites that allow streaming of NBA and NFL games for free. Most are based in Europe where the blackout rules are illegal.

Fact is, the underlying culprit here is the same that is currently causing issues throughout the entire Silicon Valley ecosystem of VCs, and start ups: the end of ZIRP or Zero Interest Rate Policy. That free money allowed these tech and media companies to basically offer free access to their goods in order to grow and gain market share. You can do that when money is free. Can’t do that when rates are at 9 to 10 percent if not higher. At those rates, VCs and PEs are putting money into more tangible items like AI, autonomous vehicles, green energy, and the like.

That is why media companies are struggling so much, especially the streamers. Most streamers are just tech companies. RSNs are a casualty of the end of ZIRP because they can be sold for cash relatively quickly, even if at a loss. Sports is one of the few live sports programming that still generates positive cash flow from advertising sales, so it can be profitable if done right.

Will this change?

What is his plan here?

No. It may get a little better but nowhere close to what the bankrup company paid them
12 'Stros Spring Training games.

Hopefully many more Minute Maid events like Cactus Jack HBCU Classic to fill spring programming.

They can load up on HS FB in fall.