Astros vs Rays

Chapman gives up another HR to lose it for the Yankees.

Astros vs Rays. Love it.

No Yankees in another WS. Gerrit Cole has NY Yankee money, but he won’t have a WS ring this year.

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i wanted this matchup…and i hope we get this done and get the braves in the WS


Rather Cole over Morton. It will be a tough series.

How ironic would it be if the Yankees and Dodgers didn’t make it to the WS given that both of them were highly critical about the Astros cheating scandal?


Yesterday’s game have me worried. We will have to score more than 3 runs to win this series. 2 or 1 points is not enough.

Wow, just saw we are already down 3 - 0. We may be losing this series, guys.

It’s definitely not looking good. Too many LOB in all three games. They are making the most of their opportunities, we are squandering ours. Barring a small miracle, it’s on to 2021.

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When I saw game 1 I knew the Astros have very little chance of winning this series. Two factors that led me to that conclusion: 1. The umpires favor the Rays. Every ball and strike calls are done in a way to favor the Rays. If it’s the Astros’ turn at batting then it’s a strike, if it’s the Rays’ turn it’s a ball according to the Umpire making the calls on all of the pitches that came close to the strike zone.

So many calls were also blatant, such as the strike calls on Altuve when the pitches were several inches high above the strike zone and to the left and to the right of the strike zone and then when the Astros pitcher threw a couple of pitches that hugged the strike zone the umpire called them ball both times and this happened in the same inning. Keep in mind that Altuve is a small man, his strike zone should be small not extra large!

I stopped watching the game when I saw the umpire made those calls because I knew the Astros are going to lose!

The Astros are not that much better than the Rays in talent to allow the umpires to cheat against them like that. They simply cannot win when the umpires consistently making that kind of unfair calls against them. The Astros are not that good and the Rays are not that bad. When two equally-matched teams played against each other the deciding factor are the officials that make the calls. Their calls are the deciding factor.

This kind of uneven calls by the umpires forced the Astros to throw great pitches for the Rays to hit since if the pitches aren’t great the umpires call them balls. On the other hand, since the umpires allowed pitches that are out of the strike zone to be called strikes, the Rays pitchers don’t have to throw the Astros hitters any good pitches to hit. As long as the Rays pitchers can keep their pitches that could be determined by the umpires as good enough they can throw the ball there all night long to the Astros hitters without having to throw a ball that actually fall into the strike zone. This gives the Rays a major advantage.

The umpires have been doing this for decades against the Yankees’ opponents and the Yankees have benefitted mightily with this trickery — to the tune of 27 World Series titles!

  1. The Astros hitters always choke when their men are on the bases. When the Rays pitchers made the mistake of throwing good pitches for the Astros hitters to hit, they simply missed when they have men on basis. Other times, the advantage of having favorable umpires have made it hard for the Astros hitters to hit against the Rays pitchers.

As soon as I saw there was an uneven officiation by the umpires I knew the chances of the Astros beating the Rays are slim to none! It’s going to take a miracle for them to make a series out of it (meaning winning at least 1-2 games or 3) against the Rays. You can’t have officials making calls against your team and expect it to win. After all, both teams are professional teams and the talent level is not that much different!

Some people call me a whiner, but so many times I am correct when I predicted which team is going to win base on the way the umpires call balls and strikes! I am also correct most of the time in basketball and football games, particularly in big playoffs and championship games.

That’s why I always say MLB should eliminate human umpires making ball and strike calls because they are corrupt, inconsistent, and are easily pressured by outside forces, such as the league’s bigwigs, fans, media talking heads, and corporate sponsors. If they want to make it fair and consistent they should use lasers to determine balls and strikes since machines don’t cheat and they are always consistent with the way they are programmed.


As someone who works in tech, I got a good, hearty laugh out of this. Thanks.

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Game 1 was called in favor of TB, games 2 and 3 were called in favor of Houston. The net impact in the series to this point is 0.52 expected runs in favor of Houston. The umps aren’t the reason we’re being swept. Hitting into bases loaded double plays is the reason.

I didn’t really pay attention but how were games 2 and 3 called in favor of Houston?

I’m using the info from Umpire Scorecards (umpscorecards). They have infographics for each game, but the breakdown was as follows:

Run expectancy impact of missed calls
Game 1
Rays + 0.68
Astros + 0.17

Game 2
Rays -0.54
Astros -0.3

Game 3
Rays -0.69
Astros +0.1

This is only regarding strike zone accuracy, so any missed calls in the field aren’t captured.

Astros Win!!!

3-2 series now!


Series Tied
3 - 3


What a run!

I sure hope the Astros pull this off, but the Rays have their ace in the hill.

McCullers makes me nervous. I never know what he’s going to be like from start to start.

Hopefully he comes through!

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