Attendance predictions for TCU

Its filling in nicely.

Austin and Columbus have no Pro Teams. The college is their pro team.

I am not sure about Seattle or UWs attendance issues. Honestly they are so far up there in the PNW that I don’t really think about them much.

I do know that Minnesota, which is in DT Minneapolis, was historically the worst team in the BIG in terms of attendance. It did not help that they played at the Metrodome, or that they were not very good.

They built an on campus stadium about the same time we did, and it has helped a little, but they still have attendance problems. When they are good, they draw fans, but when they are ok or bad (which is usually the case), not so much.

That developer would soon then into ons small UH developer with a failed vision

Austin and Columbus both have professional teams.

Austin…MLS and Columbus MLS & NHL i believe

Professional football?

36,049. I was off by about 700.

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Hey not bad, considering the weather and all. Oh, and CDH is our coach.