Attendance tonight 40,873

Nice going Coog Nation! Officially a sell-out.


2nd biggest on-campus crowd.


43k against Louisville will be doable, including standing room only. I don’t know what is the maximum allowed by the fire department as far as how many people we can get inside the stadium at once, but I bet we will break the record for attendance.


I didn’t think the stadium was that full. Certainly this section where the picture was taken was full, but the upper deck (home side) where I was wasn’t crowded outside the 20’s. The GA end zone on the side opposite this side was particularly empty relative to the rest of the stadium, but not exactly sure why. The visitor side lower section was 1/2 empty at the start of the game, but filled in nicely.

I would have thought the attendance for a few games last year would have beat the size of this crowd but maybe not.

Is Tulsa a better team than UCONN?

Tulsa has a pretty good OLine (sizewise) and can run the ball. They werw down 31-0 at halftime against Fresno State and came back and won by scoring 48 points in the second half. They’re 3-1, I would say they’re better team than UConn.

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That number is tickets sold, not actual attendance. The upper deck on the visitors side was pretty sparse throughout the game. Unless there were thousands of people standing in the concourses the whole game, there’s no way there were 40,000 people in the stadium last night. But, as far as tickets sold, 40,873 is a sellout plus SRO. Not bad against a bad UConn team on a Thursday night.

Yes, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who stay on the concourse all game. Can you blame them? The view is good and you have concessions and restrooms right at hand. We either need to block the view from the concourse or quickly add amenities to the upper decks.


I’m 100% on board with amenities on the 3rd deck. I’m in 308 and it’s a giant pain if I have to find a bathroom during the game. I’ll miss minutes of game time at a minimum or have to wait until half time and fight the crowd.


I sit at the field level on the north side and there were a lot of people standing and walking throughout the concourse during the entire game.

I don’t think you need to block the view from the concourse. That is one of TDECU’s selling points. You can see the game from the concourse if you are in a concessions line. So no, let’s not do away with that. I am fine with how it is. Tickets get sold, the concourse is “happening” and everyone has a good time. It’s like that at Texans games as well. You see people who have tickets in the 600 level down in the field level concourse the entire game.

I don’t see it as a problem, though the 300 level needs some amenities something fierce.

They also had a record number of students who got in. Those students still cram into the student section. So if we had 1K extra students we wouldn’t “see” them. Because the student section would still take up the same amount of space, just be more sardine like.

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Does anyone know the folks who work on development projects at the Stadium?

  1. Amenities on 3rd deck, a MUST

  2. IMPROVE food supply/management

  3. That would get more people in seats by reducing wait time.

  4. Increase sales and make happier Coogs. You should have seen my face when they said we are out of Buffalo tenders and hot dogs… it was 5 min before the half…

I’m done. Go coogs!


I remember an administrator saying that the third deck amenities would be added when we expand.


Jesse Palmer had some awesome comments about the crowd. He was mentioning how he had never called a game at TDECU before, but was beyond impressed. Right after he said that, they showed shots of the student section doing Womp, womp, and it continued through the play. Chills.

Then he said Herman has transformed us into a national brand.


Jesse Palmer has been one of the most consistently complimentary announcers when it comes to the Coogs. I am becoming a fan of his since he has seemed to be a fan of ours.

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Yep, got the same chills as Womp Womp played throughout and you could hear it. Gives us something unique you don’t see elsewhere.

ESPN has been more than complimentary this season…well…except for our good friend Rod Gilmore who still calls us “your Houston Cougars” in a very sarcastic way when talking to Mark Jones.

Really !!

The stadium was designed for a view from the concourse. Now you want to eliminate it.

You seat “Nazi’s” amaze me !!

Sorry, I would never want to block the view from the concourse. My comment was more directed to the fans who always complain about butts-in-seats and the trolls who slam us for attendance. From my seat, I can see pretty much the entire concourse level and it was 3-5 people deep all night long. Also, during the entire first quarter, the student entrance was slammed. I don’t sweat the butts in seats. My only complaint about our crowd is I wish people would arrive a bit earlier so we don’t have the logjams right at kickoff.

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Rod Gilmore is a snobby little PR**** from California.

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Just to clarify, I am not a “butts in seats” guy. As long as the stadium doesn’t look empty, I’m far more interested in tickets sold than filled seats. When I’m at the game, I’m there to watch every second of it because I’m a football junkie and die hard Coog fan. For that reason, I was not aware that the concourses stay filled during the game. Good to know people are there instead of at home with unused tickets.

But, in an effort to not lose sight of the more important point here, selling more than capacity to a Thursday night game against UConn is a pretty big deal in my mind. I’m not sure I would sell my Louisville tickets for all the money in the world. That place is going to be lit!

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