I thought we could average around 30k excluding this game.

This loss to Texas Tech puts us around 20-25k the rest of the year? What do y’all think? The same ole story 3 years in a row with no improvement I believe is getting old.

At least I can tailgate and know that’ll be entertaining and a good time.


I know that we’re all super disappointed, but I still hope people show up and cheer for the guys, the band and everyone else in red and white. The tailgate scene yesterday was awesome.


I will be in every game as I did when dimel was here. I do not feel me not being there sends any signal to anyone so why would I not be there.


I’m still going. It’ll be nice to visit TDECU again and walk the grounds. Also, we MAY see another QB? Maybe , yes??? :thinking: :crazy_face:

What was the official attendance last night?

43,400 per ESPN


This is why it’s time to move on from Dana. The fan base has soured on him, and attendance will be low so long as he’s there. Losing this way to TT shows were the same team as last year. A few siffeeent faces, but same QB, play caller, and offensive scheme. People expectee fireworks when we hired Dana, and what they’re getting is a boring low scoring team.


20K, it’s not like we have quality big name teams coming up, but hey at least Grambling will be a W lol

ill be there, should be more room to stretch…and social distance


I’m in an interesting spot. For years my wife and I lived for UH sports. Fast forward, I’m not with that woman anymore, and my new wife and I just bought a home, she has a couple of kids and I just feel like my free time is harder to come by. I think this will probably be my last year with season tickets. Not because of yesterday (maybe a little bit), but looking down the calendar I already see a few games I’m going to have to skip. I got basketball tickets the last year of The Hoff and have kept those. I feel like basketball games are a lot easier to handle with a busy life.


Everyone should go to the Grambling game if only for halftime


My crew will still go to the games if for no other reason than we already paid for the tickets.

If we win the next 3 people will forget this game

Most years I would agree, but when the next three are Rice, Grambling and Navy I just don’t see it. Maybe when we get late into the year if the offensive production looks good and we’re in the hunt for the conference, but 3-1 isn’t going to cure this.


Agreed, but I think winning the next 5 would help us forget this first game. Like I said in threads before the game vs. Tech, first games are always a crapshoot. Look all around college football yesterday and you’ll see scores that surprise you. We shouldn’t have been shutout for an entire half, but that half doesn’t have to define our season. If we take a 6-1 record into our home game against SMU, I think we have a chance of seeing another great home atmosphere. Tulane will be the toughest in that bunch, but we’ve got the team to do it if they’ll execute and CDH finds the right plays for the entire game.

Yep I love our Cougar band! But my primary reason for going to any game is root for our teams

Rice, Grambling, and Navy. I mean, we better win the next 3. That doesn’t take him off the hook for the disaster that happened last night.


He’d have to win out for me to forget this. Anything less and get the hook out…


He needs to win the next three gamess or pack his stuff now and get out so we can figure out the future.

GSU and Rice are fire him in the locker room type losses, don’t even bother letting him clean out his stuff just fire him and let him steal his money from home.

I think I could forgive him for Rice. But if he loses to Grambling or Navy. Then I don’t see this team getting to bowl eligible.

Navy lost 49-7 to Marshall yesterday. At home.

Navy would be a worse loss than Rice. IMO.