Average BB Team

I guess since they are now an average team, there is no pressure on getting another coach. I was think ing that we were turning the corner this year…

They don’t look good today.

How much more mediocrity is Pez going to tolerate? That’s the question.

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It’s time. Big 12 will not be pretty.

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Not sure we are even average…maybe so in the AAC. This ugly kind of playing has been going on for awhile but it appears no one cares.
Once again they were awful today. Shame on me for wasting my time lol taking a peek.
All that talent in the area and this what we produce?


Coach is a good guy, but it is time for a change.

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Not even a good game today. Was there. WTF was that performance? Time for a change?

They all came back from injury tho

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It’s not just Pezman.

Obviously, different sport; but, we all know who said, “We fire coaches for going 8-4.”

She doesn’t seem to care about women’s basketball at all.


Yeah, “average” would have us somewhere other than the bottom of the standings and on a 6 game losing streak.

I think we’re below average and trending towards bad.

Send baseball coach out with this guy.

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It just seems that the coach is constantly trying to send messages to players about behavior or character issues by sometimes not playing them. How is that working out and why recruit those types?

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Two absolutely must changes at HC during this offseason:

  1. WBB, and
  2. Baseball.

Time for a new coach.

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29 point win over Smooo today

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Softball is off to a disappointing start. Losses to Lamar, Texas State, Island Aggies. All at home.


I really thought they would be better.

They have a couple of young ones that are good….need a couple of top notch pitchers.

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Lost to HBU 7-0 at home.

6-9 on the year. All home games versus a meh schedule with losses to Texas State, McNeese, Lamar, A&M Corpus, and HBU.

Unacceptable slide. Does Pez care?

What happened to softball? Did we lose the coach?

Baseball and womens hoops are tough. We’re deficit spending as it is. Would our revenue increase much in hoops if we made a switch? Maybe waiting until Big 12 when we should be able to recruit better with a new coach.

Let’s hope that’s the plan…… it is deficit spending but we also don’t want to be pounded every time we play….if Pez is not going to try and improve in these sports then what are we even doing?

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Not sure what the buyouts are or who’s interested. I hope Pez is on top of the baseball situation. At least they have a winning streak. Hughey had a strong recruiting class and aren’t the ladies in the middle of the pack? Tied for fifth place.

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