Away game ticket sales

For those who are interested, away game tickets will go on sale in July and an email will be sent out to all season ticket holders before they do. This per ticket office at 9:45am today, 6/5/2019.


Thanks Mike. We were thinking the U Conn game as our big trip to away games but opting instead OU, North Texas, and Tulane.


My wife and i made the trip to Uconn in 2015. I would suggest skipping it in favor of just about any other road game. There is nothing to do in Hartford. We stayed downtown and struggled to find open restaurants. Stadium is a few miles out and kind of just whatever. Their fans gasp and moan at good legal hits like they are witnessing a murder.
Maybe others have had better experiences but that was mine.

Did the OU away tickets already sell out through UH ? Tried to look and noticed that the ticket option for the OU game is not listed like the others.


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Thursday in New Orleans…sigh…

I agree but hindsight is 20/20. Staying outside Hartford and any of the cool little towns west would be ideal. Gaslit streets and good restaurants. Too bad I found out after the trip.

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