B12 coaches' preferred expansion targets


OK so sell my PAC16, ACC, SEC, B1G gear? “Name” wise, UH & BYU are the flash announcements and UC/UM back fill the last two spots. I’m good with that.

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And the Big 12 coaches were shown the data from Navigate/BVH . . .

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I know it was an anonymous vote, but would love the breakdown:

Guesses for Houston? Holgorson, Kingsbury, Strong, Gundy, Beaty? Strong has said he wants to play in Houston regularly. Gundy has played us in the past and probably would like more games in Houston to recruit. Beaty because he likes Jason Phillips.

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How many cougars does it take to break the little 10, apparently two.

McMurphy’s article to go along with this:

And all the chatter about our inclusion hurting the recruiting of Big 12 schools doesn’t seem to bother the guys you’d think would have the most concern, the Big 12 coaches.

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I never understood the recruiting aspect. Would any program admit to being afraid of competing? If so, those coaches and AD’s need to change jobs.

Competition for recruits provides more excitement and probably helps keep local, regional talent from leaving. I think everyone wins in Texas and Oklahoma if UH joins the Big XII (OU, OSU, UT, BU, TCU, TTU).

Are any other candidates going to refrain from recruiting at a P5 level?

If they still wouldn’t be attractive to recruits even with P5 name and resources, then what about them belongs at that level?

The fact that they’re nervous about us indicates that they think we do belong. It’s not, and should never be about who deserves what; only who has earned what and who continues to work to earn what they get. Time for them to quit enabling moochers. It’s a loser attitude that has put them in their current position of having to stock up on “lowly” G5s.

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