B12 expansion analysis

After all that transpired last week with the B12 meetings, does any know where UH landed on the list of recommended schools for expansion? We’re we #1? 2? Etc

Hopefully the analysts viewed us favorably.

My understanding is a private firm is putting those numbers together for the BigXII. The main thing that happened is that because TV market is no longer a factor, the pool of candidates got smaller. It is Cincy, Houston, and BYU now. The question I have is did the BigXII request the firm to put together a look at whether 2 or 4 teams added would be better. My guess is that the BigXII will only add two, and it will be two from the three teams above. If I had to put money on it, it would be Cincy and Houston. Despite their football acumen, BYU has distance issues/new timezone, they don’t play on Sundays for religious reasons (respect for sticking to their guns on that), and they have a great TV/revenue deal as an independent already. Just my 2 cents…

I’ve heard UH was 1st on the list. I’ve also heard that UT and the Texas schools are officially for UH’s inclusion and are the only school they support. These are all rumors and you can find many different opinions as only the presidents are allowed in to those meetings.

I do wonder if Texas is sponsoring our inclusion now because ESPN is pushing it. ESPN needs markets and solidifying the Houston market with a strong football presence would help. I imagine Fox would be against it as they want the East Coast.

Said it before. Everybody acts like the presidents get to just choose. The networks and our eyeballs pay the bills. It is funny how we are circling back to what originally made sense for the networks. Or did we ever really stray too far?

If the networks get to choose, I like our chances even better. ESPN already paying Byu 6 mil per year. Why add them and pay 23 mil when u can pay them 6. I’m assuming ESPN would support us and Fox would support UC

Uhhh … that is sorta sounding like a As The Stomach Turns soap opera … :wink: … the horns already know ESPN is not very happy with the LHN arrangement but are stuck legally to pay and BYU probably know they would be taking a buy in cut back however it would be increasing incrementally over the next five years. I doubt they would settle for a 6 mill/yr permanently. Giving it up to get in yepp.

Anyway it would seem Bowlsby wants a decision SOONER than later

One issue from the froggie posting that caught my attention was the matchup value being HIGH ON THE AGENDA with all 3 finalist. WHO would bring in the top viewing $$$ and my guess is that the Cincy matchups would generate least of the 3 … they just don’t seem to turkle anyones nurkle as would a UH/UT or BYU/UT matchup. :relaxed:

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And worst case scenario, if it’s BYU/Cinci, AAC isn’t really damaged. FB They were 6th in the conference last year, and while they were good in BBall, we do have 5 quality teams left.

ESPN could request BYU and the BigXII do something along the lines of ND and the ACC. That is the BigXII officially inviting Cincy and Houston as full members, but creating a scenario and affiliation where BYU plays multiple BigXII teams yearly in order to add content to the BYU deal and ensure a competitive schedule.

So, how long before we see some old SWC match ups on LHN? They immediately get more eyes on the LHN in Houston for that programming.


Its on! (hopefully)

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