B12 expansion

In our case I wonder if the media market is bad or good? Everything else we are on the rise, and quickly.

I think the ACC announcing a TV deal in a couple years might have played a factor.

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Boren was specifically asked about the ACC Network deal and whether it had any impact on their decision, and he effectively said yes, that it showed how quickly the football world can change.

Hope the B12 delays and delays to give us time to grow and get into the Pac12

Of course we could get in to the B12 now for a couple of years and then go to the PAC12

Whatever our final goal should be SEC or PAC 12 PERIOD





ACC GOR extension probably also a big factor. Clemson and FSU won’t be walking through that door now so no reason to wait anymore. Better grab the next best and get that $1B in the contract from ESPN/Fox.

Also think the NFL deal with Twitter may be a factor.

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"Well, it looks like expansion’s time has come.

“The change of heart seems to have something to do with Monday’s announcement that ACC would get a standalone network after striking a deal with ESPN…”

Suddenly adding a new market is not among the stated criteria. Am I missing something?

With no conference network, the need to expand into new markets has given way somewhat to competitive on field football success.

Where do the other candidates rank academically? I believe we’re behind BYU, UCONN and Cinci but ahead of the rest and with strong momentum.


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I don’t know about my coog bros … but it seems we have circled this path so many times now that I have all the sites memorized by heart …


All 20+ teams who have inquired the Big12 for membership … have to RECONTACT Bowlsby again … eh … and let him know that they are still interested in joining …

Sorry but that is lame …

Then I gather SOMEONE or a group has to decide who finishes in some top 5 or 4 … and depending whether they go to 12 or 14 … and who the odd men or man is out …

l’d play that Sinatra song again to commemorate this circling the same wagons ad infinitum it would seem … BUT I’ll let the chairman rest and pass it to the originals from the '40s … :relaxed:

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University of Houston must pull out the stops to earn coveted spot in Big 12


BYU note:

I for one would love an annual cat fight with the cougs

Had to Google the article to get to see it … HOWEVER …

The best line hands down … was …

"It also set off frenzy akin to doors opening for a Black Friday sale. The Big 12 will have no shortage of candidates"


National Media Articles:

Big 12 expansion now alive, well and likely after being presumed dead
A hot topic of discussion for the past year, expansion discussions are only going to intensify now that the Big 12 has surprised many and changed its course
Dennis Dodd

The process could be a sideshow while the main event – the college football season – plays out. Boren previously said 25 schools had contacted the conference about getting in.

Big 12 now says it will immediately consider expansion candidates

The Big 12 has also made it clear there are provisions in its current television contract that would allow it to renegotiate with ESPN and Fox if it expanded. Teams in the conference would not be in favor of expanding if they had to split the current television contract with more teams.

Big 12 expansion a near-certainty as it aims to avoid being left behind
Pete Thamel

The leaders in the clubhouse for Big 12 expansion remain BYU, Cincinnati and Connecticut. The next tier includes South Florida, Central Florida, Memphis, Colorado State, Houston, Boise State and Tulane. If the league does add four schools, there’s really no standout candidate for that fourth slot. (Houston has the best program and television market of available schools, but there’s still some hesitancy within the state of Texas to allow the Cougars to use the Big 12 to potentially leap over current members).

The Big 12 wants to expand after all, so who will it be?
To add teams or not to add? The Big 12 now says it will, but what team is the right fit?
Stewart Mandel

Houston may seem obvious to some, given its Southwest Conference roots and current football renaissance under coach Tom Herman, but Texas and likely TCU are believed to strongly object. As we’ve seen, though, things change.

Big 12 moves toward expansion, will evaluate candidates
Ralph Russo

Big 12 leaders have acknowledged that none of the schools most likely to be added are a natural fit. None is guaranteed to deliver both highly competitive teams — especially football teams — as well as large new markets to increase the value of future media deals.

David Ubben

Monday, news broke of the ACC’s plans to launch a conference-wide television network by 2019, in addition to the extension of its grant of rights through 2036, which will keep current schools from leaving. That’s a factor in the sudden position change for the Big 12 on expansion, as it likely removes the remote possibility of current Power Five programs joining the Big 12, but a bigger factor was the day’s major event: a concluding presentation on the merits of expansion from the pair of consulting firms the league had previously hired.

It’s a go: Big 12 to pursue expansion

While no one’s coming out and saying it now, the top candidates for expansion figure to be Cincinnati, Memphis, Connecticut, Houston, South and/or Central Florida, BYU and Colorado State in some order.

Big 12 can’t risk falling behind rest of Power Five, so expansion it is
Dan Wolken

Houston: Made a major impression in football last year by winning the Peach Bowl and paying coach Tom Herman $3 million per year to stay. Has aggressively worked on facilities and fundraising. The major hurdle is whether Texas, TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor etc., want to elevate another in-state school and add a potential recruiting competitor.

Local articles from Big 12 Locations:

Expansion lives on: Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby suggests new members could be added by 2017 season
Chuck Carlton

Assuming the Big 12 was to start each new member at a less than 50 percent share – like it did for TCU and West Virginia before the 2012 season – it could be a windfall for current members, producing upward of $8 million or more per school with four new members and the newly added football title game in 2017.

Big 12 to explore conference expansion, commissioner will assess interested schools

Big 12 expansion is alive again, and here are some candidates to join

:black_small_square: Houston: Huge market for Big 12 to plant a flag

Big 12 reverses course, will actively explore expansion

However, Bowlsby was supportive of the idea that the Big 12 could add teams by the 2017-18 season, before a championship game is implemented.

Big 12 announces expansion, begins to move forward

“Something has been agreed to with the ACC, we don’t know all the details at this point, but it indicates that we live in a very fast‑changing world, (the) situation is changing quickly,” Boren said. “New technologies are being adapted and the reports on the ACC indicate some exploration of new platforms as well.”

La Gesse Column: Why Big 12 expansion is good for ISU

The Big 12 will have its choice of universities. Houston appears to be the best choice for the Big 12. The usual suspects of BYU, Cincinnati and Colorado State will no doubt come calling.

Big 12 notebook: Conference teams vote for expansion

West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen is in favor of expansion.

“I’m on the side of my boss, President (Gordon) Gee, who is in favor of expansion, as well,” he said. “I would like to see two teams added. I would like a good, round number of 12. It makes those divisional breakups easier, and it makes trying to get a championship together a little earlier.”

Changing Course: Big 12 Presidents will now actively evaluate conference expansion
Brian Davis

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Hopefully over the weeks and months we won’t be merely one of the lead candidates but come out as the clear number one.

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