B12 Golf Championship

Nice start by the ladies. Keep it going!


I might head out there Saturday if the weathers holds off.

Sadly, the wheels have come off today. Neither golf team can ever seem to play a complete tournament. Reinforces why Coach Dave Williams is the greatest collegiate coach of all time. Not a swing guy, but most tournaments are won between the ears.


I was able to make it out to Houston Oaks today to watch and man is that place nice. Course looked to be in pristine condition and the clubhouse was incredible. I was fortunate to watch our good holes so I was surprised that every time I checked the score we were sliding down the leaderboard. Hopefully we continue to build on what Coach Gumm is doing. I see the facilities at GCOH are being expanded so that’s nice. Do the golf teams have a training area on campus (simulators, practice green, etc.)? It’s a shame they have to make that drive just to practice.


Kudos for being there.

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Top shelf coog golf fan. +1

I wish you coulda met up with 3Amigos. I’d like to see you ask him if Tuten should be the coach.